How to get rid of wrinkles: the effective methods for solution of problems

Every woman wants to look attractive. So, tirelessly spend a lot of time and effort to stay young and beautiful.

how to get rid of the wrinkles

With the age of the wrinkle become increasingly visible, and the strength to fight with them out more. Therefore, the question about how to get rid of the wrinkles, is highly relevant.


To begin with, you must find out why they appear the appearance of wrinkles. All because a lot more powerful it will be to deal with the problem, learn about their origins. Wrinkles begin to form as a result of the aging process of the skin, when the person is very natural. In the skin the skin becomes less and less collagen and elastin, so the skin loses its elasticity and firmness.

Hyaluronic acid with age, also becomes smaller. It is she who is responsible for keeping the skin has always been with enough moisture. In the result of loss of acid leads to dryness of the skin and the aging process accelerated.

There are still several factors that contribute to the occurrence of this problem:

  1. Lack of sleep, insomnia, lack of sleep regular;
  2. Permanent experience and strong stress;
  3. Bad habits;
  4. Wrong hand-picked skin care or insufficient;
  5. The continuous effect of the uv rays;
  6. The excess of facial expressions.

This is the main reason. There are other factors that aggravate the condition of skin, including the bad environment and poor nutrition.


To lower the risk of the rapid emergence of wrinkles on the face, as well as in delaying the development of already existing should be followed by preventive measures:

  1. Try to keep a correct diet. Include in your diet, more vegetables and fruits. In your menu should be dairy products, and fish. The skin constantly needs minerals and vitamins;
  2. Drink more water. The older you get, the more difficult it is for your skin to retain moisture. To maintain a good water balance in the epidermis you should drink daily more water;
  3. Abandon bad habits. Or join them to a minimum. After all, the smoke and drinks alcohol only speed up the aging process of the skin;
  4. Use tools that protect against the sun's rays. When you are in the sun, necessarily, apply on the skin protection. And to avoid the appearance under the eyes crow's feet it is recommended to use a pair of sunglasses;
  5. To carefully and correctly take all means to the skin. Of them depends on how good will look your face.
remove wrinkles massage


Considering the question of how to get rid of the wrinkles, you should know of all the ways it can help. The massage is one of the effective methods to reduce the number of wrinkles. It really contributes to the elimination of changes of the ageing skin and reduces expression lines. More often than he use peach, coconut or olive oil. All of these products help to restore and maintain the water balance in the epidermis, as well as moisturize the skin.

It is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to make quick massage, strongly rumple or rub the skin with everything that it can cause the deterioration of your state of stretch. Gently passes procedure, performing a light touch, the touch and the right moving from the periphery to the centre.

The load to the face

Wrinkles resolve as well helps the gym for the face. In particular, it is useful for women more mature. All because with age, the face muscles lose their former tone and begin to prowl the early signs of aging. Exercises for the face are performed in house, when it is most convenient for you. You do not need much effort, much time, or any financial costs. The loading must be because it is effective to soften the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, as well as on the forehead and cheeks.

Beauty treatments

Similar procedures also contribute to the effective elimination of wrinkles on the face. Cosmetics offers a wide variety of options to correct wrinkles in the corner of the eyes, between the eyebrows, in the area of the lips. Now, there are many modern and effective methods and you should consider each of them in detail.

Stings injection

To eliminate the wrinkles apply the following injection:

  1. Botox. It is reliable and an effective way to eliminate the wrinkles. Botox is a toxin of botulism, which softens and relaxes the muscles and prevents its reduction. This substance has a composition, which is compatible with the blood. This enables you to perform the procedure, regardless of age. In six months, or one year of botox, only dissolves in the blood. The procedure allows to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles, forehead creases and wrinkles on the neck;
  2. The hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen. These substances already exist in the epidermis, but with age them becomes smaller. Such injections to the recovery of substances in the skin;
  3. Drugs with the synthetic base. These injections are very complex and should be filled only beautician with a great experience. All because the result does not come out in a year, and will remain for a long time. Therefore, any error beautician can cause the appearance under the skin of the seals.

Chemical Peeling

The method is taking advantage of a special composition to remove the top layer of dead skin cells and speed up the update process. In large part, the result of the procedure depends on the skill and experience, the beautician. Perform a chemical peel and get rid of the leather upper incorrectly, you may cause burns. The same repercussion of the epidermis after the procedure, within 14 days. It is worth mentioning that this is the procedure that, effectively, help to get rid of black dots.

facial mask anti-wrinkle


The essence of the method is to carry out a sanding of the skin with the help of laser. It has similar principle chemical peeling. This mode, also remove the top layer of the skin and starts the regeneration process. However, the effectiveness of this method is a little bit below. At the same time, the recovery process of the epidermis takes less than 14 days.

Using the resurfacing laser occurs polishing of the skin. Are used small crystals of aluminum oxide. They cover the skin. It should be noted that for the epidermis, rendering it absolutely harmless. Then, these crystals are removed along with the dead particles of the skin with the aid of a vacuum pump. Grinding contributes to the deletion of several patches on the face, thin scars, freckles and helps to reduce the pores.

Animal masks and their components

In addition to beauty treatments, skin in need of care and at home. Procedures for skin rejuvenation, you can perform at home, using special mask, which is prepared independently from natural ingredients. All products used should be enriched with useful vitamins and minerals, all those, who do not have the skin during aging.

Lotion anti-wrinkle

You will need a set of herbs, among which must be chamomile. I should add st. john's wort and lime color. All the herbs, add the capacity of a teaspoon, and place them in several cups of boiling water. Wait until the broth infusions, about 30 minutes. After you do this, add there two tablespoons of vodka and mix. Then, strain the broth and wait until it cools down. Received lotion to clean every day, the face 2 times a day.

The mask with aspirin

You will need 2 tablets of aspirin, that you have to mix it with a little water. Add a teaspoon of honey, mix and apply the mask on the skin of the face. After 10 minutes, you should clean your face with the scrub and take a shower. It is advisable to use this mask. If the deep wrinkles, the first of the month several times per week, the follow-up of 1 time. When not very deep crow's feet if you should make the mask with the aspirin once per week.

The mask with corn starch

Take dry potato starch in a tablespoon and dissolve it in a glass of water. Pour half a cup of boiling water and put to cook until the starch will not be thick. Let cool the mixture and add 4 tablespoons of carrot fresh juice, a tablespoon of sour cream. All ingredients are carefully mix. The mask is applied on the skin of the face with a thin layer. After 30 minutes, you should wash it. It is recommended to do it once a week.

effective mask

Listed masks allow you to make strong wrinkle less visible, not too deep photographed. They are also suitable for regular care of the skin on the face clean stuffed under the eyes, line the tone on the chin, bridge of the nose, and so on.

When properly selected skin care, you'll be able to pause the development of the already existing wrinkles and prevent the emergence of new. Remember that the skin care of the face should be comprehensive and regular. Only then will you achieve the maximum effect.