How to remove wrinkles under the eyes quickly and effectively

The fight with the first symptoms of ageing for a woman starts with the most delicate area – the area around the eyes. The skin around them a little stretch, lightweight and thin. Here appear the first age of turn – formed swelling, the skin loses the freshness. And raises the question of how to remove wrinkles under the eyes.

wrinkles around the eyes

How to appear the first wrinkles

The area of the eyes the top layer of the skin is extremely thin – about 0.5 mm. Around the eyes a little bit of muscles that support the elasticity, and a small amount of sebaceous glands. The skin was easily extensible, and subjected to a moving – we blink, we laughed, we talked, we built faces. The result is that the skin around the eyes represent the largest, sometimes, the excessive work load.

The causes of the appearance of wrinkles in this area can be poor diet, hormonal and failures (reducing estrogen levels), bad habits (smoking, drinking, getting enough sleep), the violation of exchange processes, low-quality care or its absence.

All this makes the skin around the eye, with 25-30 years of age exposed to the appearance of irregularities, the folds and the first wrinkles. How to remove wrinkles under the eyes? With the help of a, the correct is being used, the systematic care, gymnastics, massage, beauty salon and other procedures.

Skin care around the eyes

As the skin of the entire face, areas around the eyes in need of comprehensive care. It includes the 3 steps: cleaning, hydration and nutrition, toning.


Remove the makeup with an eye each day, it must become unshakable is the rule. For this, two months cotton swab soaked in milk or other liquid for the removal of makeup (buttery, two-phase) and served with them in the eyes of 40-60 seconds, then remove make-up top-down motion. The movement should not stretch, hurt the skin.

Hydration and food

For these purposes, gels and special creams, approved ophthalmologists. Can not be used for the century cream, intended for other purposes. In the composition, they are very different, and you may experience irritation and flaking.

Eye cream should be applied at a point, in small amount, from outside the nineteenth century, the bridge of the nose. In no case can not be a smear.


Extracts of various plants, such as tonics and lotions freshen and calm the skin. Moisten the middle of cotton balls, units, and attach them to the eyes for 5-10 minutes. The effect is visible immediately.


beauty treatments

Cosmetic anti-wrinkles around the eyes should be "active", running, high quality. In its composition should be moisturizing ingredients and ingredients that affect the production of collagen, the regeneration of the skin. It is an important component for this makeup ‒ hyaluronic acid. It slows down the moisture inside your skin and hydrates as well.

Useful are considered to be extracts of silk and plants, ceramide, vitamins a, E, c, allantoin, peptides, essential oils and other substances. In the composition of creams need to avoid the hormones, and glycerin. The cream for the skin around the eyes must also necessarily be a member of glasses of filters. Cream to this sensitive area can not be cheap.

Is applied to it, in the morning and before going to sleep, but in small quantity, to avoid swelling of the eyelids. Are very useful also the mask, the serum of milk and concentrates, which has been fighting actively with the wrinkles. Substances entry in its composition, which give the skin its elasticity and firmness, increase the protective properties and smooth.


Gymnastics for the eyes is essential for the strengthening of the eye muscles, strengthen the ability of quick focus and improve vision.

All the exercises are performed in a seated position with your back straight. The movement is only done with the eyes.

Folk remedies

Home remedies to get rid of this problem are known for a long time. They can't replace primary care, but it will be a great addition to it.

Here is what properties are the most popular and nutrients:

  • The juice of aloe vera moisturizes well. Apply it diluted with the tips of the unnameable fingers gentle movements.
  • Salsa smoothes fine lines and gives the skin elasticity. You need to chop it into mush, to impose the gauze rags on the eyes for 20 min.
  • The olive oil makes the skin firm, well-moisturizes, synthesizes collagen, helps eliminate even long-time wrinkle, is a natural antioxidant. It should be applied with a thin coat of 15 min., before going to sleep, with the tips of his fingers, the debris, then wipe dry with a cloth.

It is still possible to do a hot compress before going to sleep. To do this, heat 1 St. l. olive oil (preferably in a water bath) up to 40 With. Then rubbing him cotton swabs and put them in cleaning the skin around the eyes in 40 min. Face wash with cold water. Repeated 14 consecutive days, and then – 1-2 times per week.

  • The coconut oil reduces the number of wrinkles, prevents the appearance of new ones. Apply it on the skin around the eyes in a small number of circular massaging movements, without stretching the skin.
  • Cucumber eases the swelling, refreshes and combat the first wrinkles. Thin plates overlaid in 15-20 min.
  • The potato is well-moisturizes, nourishes, tightens the skin, removes the bags under the eyes. Grate raw potatoes on a fine grater. 1 St. l. obtained the dough, add fatty sour cream. Distribute it in gauze napkins and place on the area around the eyes, in 30 min. Then rinse with warm water.
  • The white bread is a good fight, with small wrinkles, tightens the skin. A small piece of bread soaked in milk. The slurry resulting apply evenly on the skin around the eyes for 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. If you add the mask of olive oil, lemon or castor oil, the effect is stunning.
  • Banana well hydrates and nourishes, smoothes wrinkles. The pulp of the banana necessary to grind in the porridge, mix it with 2 h. l. of the melted butter. The mixture mix well and apply on the area around the eyes, in 20 min. Rinse it with warm water.
the facial massage anti-wrinkle


An effective way to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and extend the youth of the skin serves as a self-massage.

Should purified the skin with a little cream. Effective massage japanese technology. All the movements should be soft and light, it is not possible to slide and tighten the skin, avoiding its injury and deformation.

The proper nutrition in fighting the wrinkles around the eyes

The base of power for the elastic and beautiful skin and no wrinkles should find a product with a rich content of collagen, vitamins and minerals:

  • the meat, especially turkey;
  • the fatty fish varieties;
  • marine cabbage;
  • salads with the freshest ingredients and vegetables (carrot, cabbage, tomato) with the vegetation;
  • foods rich in vitamin c (blueberries, rosehip, citrus fruits);
  • soy products.

Elimination of wrinkles of hardware methods

Sometimes, you have tried all home remedies to get rid of wrinkles, we consider that the salonnym procedures. What are the methods of cosmetology modern to help deal with this problem?

  1. Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin, special nutrients and substances moisturizers, which help to produce elastin and collagen, smoothing out wrinkles.
  2. Photorejuvenation – special application of the light pulse of radiation, a facilitator for the recovery of natural processes and the elaboration of collagen.
  3. Botox – an introduction special medicine which reduces the activity of mimic muscles.
  4. Contour plastics – introduction special coverage of natural and synthetic origin (hyaluronic acid, acrylic, silicone).

The prevention of the appearance of wrinkles

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes is important to the prevention and the care of self, which include the following measures:

prevention of wrinkles
  • A rich and healthy 8 hours of sleep.
  • Mandatory refusal of bad habits.
  • The reduction of the time of exposure to the sun.
  • Fall Mimihprogramme activity (containment of emotions).
  • The use of 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, washing with cold water.
  • Correct regular maintenance.

Fresh and rested eyes – the best decoration of the face. They express our emotions and feelings, experiences, our inner world. And we need to take care that the time was still young and beautiful.