The mask with the gelatin dissolved to the face — recipe to get rid of wrinkles

On the possibilities of application of gelatin in the cooking is known in almost every housewife, and this is what this component can be used as an efficient way of small means, we do not know everything.

masks of gelatine

The gelatin used in the preparation of cosmetic masks, contribute to the cleansing, whitening and skin rejuvenation, and also resists age skin problems of the integument and its excessive fat.

The same mask of gelatin of wrinkles can be prepared independently of the improvised from the ingredients, which makes it easy to use and affordable the home of cosmetology.

What is the use of a mask-based gelatin?

Gelatin – divided collagen is the main protein of which depends on the elasticity and smartness of the skin. With age, women face a disadvantage of this ingredient, which manifests itself in the senescence and withering skin of the integument.

Many professionals insist that gelatin mask anti-wrinkle is different more efficiently than newfangled creams collagen. The fact is that on the produced tools of the collagen displayed large molecules, able to provide only the treatment impact.

The molecules of collagen in the gelatin are able to penetrate into the skin to best resolve the problem.

Gelatin facial mask anti-wrinkle it is often the choice of owners, saggy, wrinkled, saggy and inelastic skin. The result of the application of a mask is the clarification of stretches with age range of pigmentation and freckles, and the contraction of the pores.

In conditions of regular use of the tool it is possible to smooth out wrinkles, improve the skin and the skin condition in general.

Popular preparation of recipes jelly-like mask

Mask-based gelatin anti-wrinkle, can be prepared with the application of a variety of recipes, that brings together the need to prepare the gelatin base.

For this, the dry gelatin in a volume of 1 St. tablespoons mixed with water at ambient temperature, in volume, not more than half a cup. You need to wait until the swelling, after which the mixture is required to heat the water bath until you obtain a homogeneous mass, without lumps.

The mask of milk and gelatin

This mask is very soft and has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin. The mask of gelatin anti-wrinkle, prepared with addition of milk, can be used not only to solve the problems of the age, but also on a regular basis proprietáriosamu type of dry skin.

Recipe for making a mask is fairly simple. For this, the dry gelatin should fill with milk, not water, adhering to these ratios. After dissolving the gelatin, the tool should be applied on clean face and leave for half an hour.

In the preparation of this mask instead of milk, you can take advantage of the cream of milk and strong enough for the nutrition of the skin in the tool, we recommend that you add honey or melted butter, in volume, not exceeding 1 h. tablespoons.

gelatin mask

The mask of glycerin and gelatin

The fastest solution of problems of excessive dryness of the skin, loss of elasticity and fitStand will be the use of mask with glycerin and gelatin is dissolved of wrinkles. For a start, you should prepare the gelatin base, which after cooling, you must add glycerol (1 St. of soup).

This component can be easily found in almost any pharmacy. After that, you should carefully whisk an egg white and mix with the core jelly.

Apply received the recommended tool to pre-clean the skin of the face and neck, about half an hour. After this time, the mask must be washing and moisturizing the skin nourishing cream.

The mask of cucumber and gelatin

An excellent tonic exposure the famous mask with the gelatin dissolved wrinkles, prepared with the addition of cucumber. The opinions of many of the user are the best proof of this. The regular use of this tool, contributes to the freshness of the skin, improve color of the face and get rid of the sagging.

To obtain a cosmetic tool, you must grate the cucumber and with the use of cheesecloth to separate the liquid. The gelatin is the base that you need to cook with 2 St. tablespoons of main component, the milk is diluted in a volume of 3 St. spoons.

The mixture is dissolved gelatine must pre-heat the water bath, and after cooling, dilute the juice of cucumber. On the skin of the face, the tool it is recommended to keep at least an hour.

Mask of honey, lemon and gelatin

The mask anti-wrinkle with the gelatin dissolved, honey and lemon is different from a greater efficiency in combating the changes of the skin, have age of the character. Is guaranteed thanks tonic exposed from the lemon, as well as the nutrient properties of the honey. In this context, the mask can use for all women, regardless of skin type.

In this case, to make a gel-like base to better enjoy the water. Heated honey and lemon juice, by volume, of 1 h. spoon are added lightly onStyusuo the gelatin base. Obtained the mixture should be applied on the face for 20 minutes.

The mask with activated carbon and gelatin

Quite popular, that is still a mask of gelatin from wrinkles. The recipe for its preparation involves adding to the gel based on the activated coal in tablets. When you do this, depending on the characteristics of the skin for the removal of gelatin may give preference яблonhнonму juice or milk.

So, fat or combined skin better cope with compote of apple or orange juice, and, in the case with increased by the dryness of the skin is most suitable with milk.

In the process of preparing a base gel should be guided proportions, and after cooling the mixture need to add 2 rathmellhtary tablets of activated charcoal. Thoroughly mixed components to be applied on the face and keep absolute drying.

This mask is unique in that it not only slows the aging of skin the integument, but to actively combat dark spots and acne. When used regularly, its application can significantly improve the condition of skin with tendency to oiliness, waste, clogging of the pores and cause inflammation.

And for the greatest effect, we recommend applying the product in a pre-steamed facial skin.

the mask from cottage cheese gelatin

The mask of cheese and gelatin

Intensive feeding and hydration of the skin it is recommended to use the gelatin mask to the base of cottage cheese. For this, the dry gelatin should be mixed with milk in a ratio of 1:2 and wait 20 minutes until the swelling of the mass. After you warm up the bath water in the obtained homogeneous and iced the base should you add the cream cheese in volume 1 St. tbsp.

Thoroughly mixed the mass is recommended to keep the face of no more than 30 minutes, then rinse well under warm running water.

Gelatin mask anti-wrinkles: important tips about the application of

Masks of gelatin for the face anti-wrinkle it is recommended when:

  • the absence of clear contours of the face;
  • the problem, according to the chin;
  • gray, a skin tone of the integument and the presence of yellowing;
  • increased oiliness of the skin.

But during the use of this effective means, we must not forget and about the precautions and contra-indications exist. Thus, caution must be suitable for the application of this tool proprietáriosam type of dry skin, as well as is not unusual the occurrence of peeling and deterioration of the skin of the integument.

The mask of gelatin from wrinkles, that was not designed for application in the area around the eyes. Also we do not recommend the application of tools in the skin, which can cause irritation, the occurrence of allergic rashes.

Today, it is increasingly used a mask of gelatin for wrinkles instead of botox. And this popularity there is nothing surprising, after all, the effectiveness of such accessible and low-cost, a way to resist to age changes been proven and, if you have a mask with the use of these simple recipes, you can easily check.