Solcoseryl of wrinkles: the application features and results

Solcoseryl is known as a powerful healing drug. However, the therapeutic properties of its components allow you to use the tool and to eliminate the wrinkles. In this case, the correct use of the ointment improves the general state of the areas of the face and increases the tonus of the tissues. To achieve rejuvenating effect it is important to apply the product, to observe the duration of the application and security measures.

solcoseryl of wrinkles

Causes and types of wrinkles

One of the main factors for the occurrence of wrinkles of aging. With age the surface person loses the characteristics of firmness and elasticity due to a reduction in the production of collagen, slowing down the circulation and nutrition of tissues. The first folds may be formed already at the age of 25 years and that, after 35 years, the process of its emergence is inevitable.

In addition to appropriate for the age, the deterioration of the surface of the face called the negative factors of the external environment. The long presence of the computer, the overwork, stress, lack of vitamins, low physical activity, improper application of cosmetics leads to premature aging.

Wrinkles occur most frequently in prone to the dryness of the surface of the face.

The first are formed of expression lines, swelling in the area of the eyes and mouth, the growing when you enable the manifestation of emotions. With time they become visible, and that if the static expression of the face. After 40 years appear folds visible in the region of the forehead, in the area between the eyebrows and in the nasolabial triangle, which, gradually, turn into deep wrinkles.

The situation is aggravated due to the severity of ptosis is triggered under the influence mortal, the forces of attraction and manifesting itself in a deterioration of the facial contour. As a result, there occurs the deformation of the chin and across the lower part of his face, which increases the severity of deep nasolabial folds.

The therapeutic properties of Solcoseryla to get rid of wrinkles

Application Solcoseryla helps eliminate surface wrinkles, wins the contours of the face, and make less visible expressed in static bending. The rejuvenating action of cellular drug explains the inclusion in its composition of protein-free serum obtained from the blood of young calves. The substance contains a large number of amino acids, nucleotides, electrolytes and oligopeptides.

As a result of the use of means occur the following improvements in the structure dermis of the integument:

  • are stimulated regenerative processes;
  • improving the supply of oxygen to tissues;
  • intensifies the production of collagen;
  • occurs activates the hydration of the tissues;
  • are accelerated metabolic processes.

Advantages Solcoseryla are of their availability and of small value, as well as a minimum number of contraindications. He has a broad spectrum of corrective action, it is easy to apply on the surface and can be used with other tools to improve the effect.

Among disadvantages of the use of a drug is celebrated the existence of an age limit, the risk of allergic reaction, inability to apply the ointment under the makeup, but also the need to pass several courses to achieve the result. In addition, the tool has features associated with the impossibility of its application in sensitive parts of the face.

how to apply

Instructions for use Solcoseryla: how to correctly use the ointment and gel

Solcoseryl is made in the form of ointment or gel. These tools are different consistency, color, and composition, unlike other shower. The ointment has a more dense structure and white or a yellowish tinge, while the colourless gel is more liquid.

To eliminate the wrinkles beauticians recommend to use the ointment in virtue of the fact that the gel has a more pronounced drying effect.

For the acquisition of Solcoseryla line does not require a prescription. A tool is available that is available in tubes of 20 grams. The cost of the ointment is about 200 rubles, and the price of the gel is a little larger — about 300 rubles.

The action of the components

Together, the components of an ointment or a gel have a global effect on the surface of the face, the stabilization of the structure of cell membranes, increasing the activity of intracellular enzymes and stimulating the entry of glucose in the tissues. Gradually increases the characteristics of indicators of elasticity of the surface, resulting in are smoothed irregularities.

Beauticians recommend the use of a tool Solcoseryl only for women more mature, with more than 25 years of age, when the collagen production decreases significantly.

In addition to its primary active substance, in the composition of the ointment are included:

  • the petroleum jelly that adds a protective layer on the surface of the face;
  • the cholesterol, which participates in the construction of the structure of cell membranes;
  • cetyl alcohol, which protects areas against the loss of moisture and surface disinfectant.

In the composition of the gel, are used in the following excipients:

  • lactate of calcium, have antimicrobial action;
  • the propylene glycol, which is involved in the metabolism processes;
  • sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, promotes healing of tissues.

If to eliminate the wrinkles it is used in a gel, it is necessary to add in the mixture of oil and other substances moisturizers.

Forms of use for the rejuvenation of the skin

statement solcoseryl

Before you apply the ointment it is necessary to carefully clean the surface of the face and remove all makeup. Preference to steam the face, using essential oils or herbal blends. You should put them in a container and cover with hot water, and then place your face directly over the cup and cover with a towel. Preparation for the procedure performed in the period of 15 minutes.

Solcoseryl you can use both independently and in the form of a mask. When used without adding other ingredients of your cause peeled areas of the face with a thin layer of 1 to 2 mm instead of night cream. In the morning the excess ointment away with the help of a cotton swab.

The masks are applied to increase rejuvenating effect. The most popular recipes of mixtures, are the following:

  1. With vitamin E. Take 5 grams of ointment or gel, and mix with 5 ml of vitamin glass of storage capacity. After application of the composition on the surface of the face, you should wait 30 minutes, and then remove it with the help of sponge.
  2. With grape seed oil. Mix Solcoseryl with grape seed oil, in a ratio of 5 grams of ointment in 5 ml of oil. Put the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes. Chilled mask apply on areas of the face, and leave on the skin throughout the night. In the morning wash with the use of conventional means.
  3. With dimexide. To prepare the mixture, take the ointment in the amount of 10 grams, and add Dimexide in the number of 10 drops and 15 drops of vitamin E. Thoroughly mix the ingredients in a glass storage capacity, and after use in the form of a mask. Wait 1 hour and remove the waste from the damp swab.
  4. With the aloe juice. Add the ointment in the amount of 10 grams of aloe juice (10 ml) and 5 ml of sea buckthorn oil. Carefully, mix the ingredients and apply on the parts of the face in the form of a mask for 30 minutes. To rinse off the mixture it is recommended to use the stock classes.

Beauticians recommend to apply the ointment or gel of land located near the eyes, as this can cause excessive dryness or oedema sensitive areas.

The duration and the efficiency of the application

Solcoseryl applies every 2 days during a month. After an interval of 2-3 months the course is repeated. The tool is not suitable for application on a continuous basis, as it may cause side effects.

Expresses the effect of the use of ointments manifests itself after several courses. The tool acts actively in small folds, which are easily removed this way, but for the alignment of deeper wrinkles is a need for more radical treatments of beauty. When you use the Solcoseryla you may want to reduce the manifestations of static irregularities, but it's not worth to count on their total elimination.

To avoid the excess drying areas of the face after the application of ointment or a gel, it is advisable to treat the surface of the moisturizing cream.

Counter-indications and side effects

It should be remembered that Solcoseryl is a means and applies strictly according to the instructions. To identify the following indications and contra-indications of its use is forbidden:

  • private increase of the reaction to the components of the tool;
  • age up to 20 years;
  • the period of pregnancy;
  • dysfunction of the cardiovascular system;
  • the presence of cataract or glaucoma;
  • expressed disorders of the liver or of the kidneys.

Because the tool can cause an allergic reaction, before performing the test. 1 hour before the procedure, apply a little ointment to the phase of the pulse, and see, do not appear if the symptoms of an inadequate response.

The side effects, especially in the case of use of the medicine if you have allergy can manifest itself as:

  • irritation, swelling and redness;
  • the feeling of strong itching on treated phase;
  • the development of dermatitis;
  • express burning;
  • nausea, and dizziness.

Keep control of your sensations after the application of the ointment. If you are presented with the burning sensation, which does not pass for 10 minutes, then wash the tool, and reduce its future application.

Due to the high concentration of a component of natural origin, rich with useful trace elements, Solcoseryl has a rejuvenating impact on the surface of the face. It is also an effective tool for dealing with acne and small injuries to the tissues. To eliminate the wrinkles it is best to use the ointment, that is applied over night or applied in conjunction with other tools in the form of a mask. It is worth remembering that the ointment is a medicine, so it is important to take into account the contra-indications and comply with the instructions on how to use the ointment without exceeding the duration of the course.