The best gymnastics of wrinkles on the face and neck

The face of the building – touch, a word, that there is a lot of time and learned to love beauty-bloggers. Under the elegant setting hides an effective technique to struggle with changes related to the age of the person. Gymnastics facial against wrinkles can use different names for the face lift, the face of culture, non-surgical facelift... the authors express their imagination to the maximum, but the essence does not change. Let's look at how the exhibition and the technical execution in the face of gymnastics in the example more effective.


There is not space detail: general rules cover building

Exercises for the muscles of the face anti-wrinkles have a set of copyright interpretations, but studies can also highlight the general recommendations, which concern the organizational moments. When making the decision to take care to maintain the freshness of the skin, follow the following rules:

  • Begin to do is possible at any age, but the best results gives early start. The girls with more than 25 years must already work for the strengthening of the muscles of the face and, after 35 years of age, necessarily, of training, at least 5 times per week. Even if the wrinkles, even that does not bother, prevention works better than the solution already-formed to the problem.
  • Plan the best workout of the morning when the mimic muscles rested, by night, and ready for the load. For those who have difficulty allocating time to a morning practice, have to deal with the night. The effectiveness of a night of classes lower in the morning, but is better than nothing.
  • Choose some simple exercises to the more problematic areas, and follow them whenever you is going to be a moment free. Use the time to stay in traffic, visit a cinema or a pause in the work place.
  • Before exercise healthy do not forget to clean the makeup. Great, if you have the opportunity to take a bath in the contrast, or do a light massage on the face and neck.
  • Gymnastics facial against wrinkles at home is to run in front of a mirror, in order to control the accuracy of the technique. Do not forget to keep your back straight, to not hinder the blood circulation.
  • Preference finish a easy self-massage. Moa, beat and pass the muscles, giving special attention to the places on the wrinkles.

After the training, necessarily, lubricate cream or moisturising milk to face, neck and neckline. Apply the tool gently massaging, combining care with massage.


Complex of exercises can be presented in the form of kits for individual zones or for the entire face. If there is not explicitly the predominance of the skin fades in a certain area, then your choice - facial gymnastics facial against wrinkles, a video-lecture that is designed to work in all areas. The good traveler has the american system author Emma Hardy, which gives a result even when there are strong facial abnormalities that occur in menopausal women.

Away crow's feet: exercises wrinkles around the eyes

During the life of a woman, it is a lot of reasons to smile, but of positive emotions the thin skin in the corner of the eye receives rays-wrinkles. Later he joins the sagging of the upper eyelid, bags under the eyes, drooping corner of the eye. Do not stop smiling, and strengthen the corresponding muscle help for the next gym of wrinkles around the eyes:

  • Knead the muscles, squinted eyes. Open your eyes, the most widely and close them. Take care that your work does not involved the eyebrows and on the forehead. The duration of the exercise – 1 minute.
  • Move your eyes apples, as if you were drawing the number "8". The movement to perform with maximum range of 30 seconds to each side. Please note that draws a figure of eight, and not a sign of infinity.
  • Draw the eyes, the circle first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Move your eyes apples, without hurry, and repeat the exercise for 1 minute.
  • Forefingers gently on the skin near the outer corner of the eye, and the medium close to internal. This is done so that the training is not appeared folds and wrinkles, and only worked the muscle. Push the top century bottom, not priŝurivaâs', keep the pulse of 2 seconds, and widely open eyes. Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times.
  • The fingers continue to hold the corners of the eyes. Look at the ceiling and try to lift the lower eyelid, as if priŝurivaâs'. Hold this position for 4 to 5 seconds, relax the eyelids and repeat the exercise 20 times.
  • Look at the front and wide open eyes. Try to move the eyeball to the front. Resist to an interval of two seconds and close your eyes. Do 15 repetitions.
  • Pointing fingers to apply along the bottom of the century, pressing it to the edge of the eye hole. Lift up your eyes to the ceiling and hold them for 40 seconds. The first time, do 1 repetition, with time, the number may increase to 3.
Exercises for the eyes

Clearly demonstrate how to do described some exercises for the face wrinkles, watch the videos that are not necessarily always before the workout. One day, by following them, along with the author, you will learn the technique and be able to engage.

The more effective exercise of the wrinkles on the forehead

Folds and folded in the zone easily removed with botox, but it is to apply, even if locally, the neuro-paralytic poison, when there is an alternative in the form of gymnastics for the facial? Amazed horizontal or dark forehead wrinkles are diminished, if regularly the following exercises:

  • Place the palms of the hands over the forehead, so that little fingers pressed the skin just above the eyebrows, and the other fingers the prisoners of the wrinkling of the skin on the forehead. Try to surprise to raise an eyebrow, overcoming the resistance of hands. Relax your forehead and repeat the exercise 20 times. On the last repetition, stay at maximum voltage 8 to 10 seconds. With time, increase the amount of repetitions.
  • Tighten the pads of the fingers on the forehead of the triangle – little fingers are located exactly on the inner face of the eyebrow and pointers converge in the center of the forehead. Put more pressure on the eyebrows, keep the skin displacement. You will feel like under the fingers work the muscle proud, responsible for the emergence of vertical forehead wrinkles. Repeat 15 to 20 times.
  • Relax the forehead and eyes, press the fingers indicators the skin over the eyebrows and try to reduce them. This movement targets the muscle relaxation after the previous exercises. Do 5 repetitions.
  • Position the pads of the fingers vertically upward from the inner edge of the eyebrow. Take a deep breath, and on exhalation, gently pull the skin of the center of the forehead, on the hand, relaxation and stretching should be the muscles. Repeat 5 times.
  • Exercises for wrinkles on forehead
  • Compress a hand to the middle of the forehead, to the tips of his fingers were sent to the bridge of the nose. Inhalation of look down, make the out-breath, lift up your eyes and, simultaneously, pulling the forehead skin up. Do 5 repetitions.

Your option to say goodbye to the wrinkles on your forehead serves Victoria Sheering, and gymnastics facial against wrinkles, a video that also explains the structure of the frontal muscle and the massage technique relaxing area in front.

We smile and waving: exercises for face wrinkles around the lips

This area is very well responds to systematic training. Already after a few weeks of class, you will notice smoothing out wrinkles around the lips, raise the corners of the mouth and the reduction increased it.

When it is made the gym facial against wrinkles, keep the skin does not form creases. Make the front of the mirror and notice the folds when the muscle tension, a little stronger stretch the skin. Ignoring this rule, you run the risk of deepening the wrinkles.

  • Apply the palm of the hand to the mouth vertically. When you do this, little fingers are near the wings of the nose, and the central part of the lips remains discovery. Without opening the mouth to pull the lips forward, as if for a kiss. Repeat the exercise until you do not feel fatigue in the area of the lips and around them, gradually increasing the number of reps up to 25-30 times.
  • Position the pads of the fingers of both hands along nasolabial folds. The little finger joins the corner of the mouth, and the indicator is close to the wing of the nose. Make an effort, as if he were trying to smile. Take care that the corners of the lips looked up, and not to the sides. Make 30 reps.
  • With the tips of the fingers of both hands gently on the skin of the arc along the lower lip. Try to reveal the teeth. If you understand engineering, you first do the exercise without the adherence of the skin with the fingers, to feel which muscles should be involved in the work.
  • Say the letter "o", which pulls the lips the correct oval. In this case, you must stretch the skin in the area of nasolabial triangle. Tighten the index finger and the middle finger, the corners of the mouth and begin to curl the lips, the teeth. Follow up to the sensation of fatigue easy, looking for 30 repeat.
  • Concludes gymnastic exercises of muscular relaxation. Close the mouth, not by tightening the lips. Inhale deeply through the nose and loud exhale through your mouth, not raising it. The lips make the vibration of the movement.

The area around the lips is crafted in all rights of the author technical and complex for her to developed enough. Your choice of exercises for the face wrinkles offers video that shows a technique to strengthen the muscles in your cheeks to deal with the folds around the nose and lips.

We continue to work: single neck and oval face

Flabby oval face, under the chin and sagging skin on the neck up to more wrinkle. The face of the building is good tightening these areas, resulting in the corresponding pitch of the muscle. Keep the youth will help the daily running of such exercises:

  • Feels exactly, relax your face and close your mouth. In the middle of the language with the effort to press for the higher part of the sky. In the first approach, to work quickly, following 10-15.
  • Crumpled in the fist of the hand support the region between the neck and the chin. Then try to open the mouth, pushing the hand 10 times. The second approach, follow the static load – click the handle and, while holding the tension, count to 8.
  • Lips
  • Stretch your lips to the front, dropping the sound of "u" and stretching his neck. Quickly grab the fill handle of the lips, saying: "x-men" and hold this position for 10 seconds. Relax and follow the 10-15 reps.
  • Stretch the sound of the "S" in 10 seconds, advancing to the front and top, the chin and the lower lip. Watch out for the maintenance of the posture during the exercise.
  • Hug the upper lip and bottom, to tighten the skin of the neck and the chin. Slowly, turn the head to the right and up, count to 8 and do the same rotate in the other direction. Repeat this exercise 10 times to each side.
  • Hold the head with the hands. Press with force the hand within 10 seconds, trying to reject the head back. Do 6 repetitions.
  • The Preload of the lower lip to the chin formed the irregularities, if you hurt. The beam forced the position for 10 seconds, keeping himself in the mirror for the corners of the lips does not fall down. Do 4 to 5 reps.

In the below video, see the gym facial and neck wrinkles, devoted to the struggle with the second, the chin and the correct recovery, the oval of the face.

Elastic cheeks for 5 minutes

Working with the cheeks need, necessarily, the same wrinkles in them is not visible. Simple, the complex will pull the contour of the face and nasolabial folds, with the following exercises:

  • Press the palms of your cheeks and with the maximum effort of trying to inflate them, overcoming the resistance of hands. Hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat 15 times.
  • Inflate the cheeks, alternately, keeping the palms of the hands. Repeat 15 times to each side.
  • Put the pointing fingers between the inner surface of the cheek and lower, to the side of the teeth. Try to paint the cheeks between the teeth, pressing down on her 15 times.

Regular classes with the fitness facial is not only to strengthen the muscles and wrinkle reduction, but and returned to a healthy color through the activation of the blood circulation. Save the youth of the face and the self-confidence, coupled with a simple and accessible technique of face building!