Masks are the most effective wrinkle — 20 best recipes

Every woman would like to have throughout a long life to keep charming, beautiful, and most importantly – young. And as we are starting to grieve the first wrinkles, difficult to convey in words.


During the intense fighting with them, we are willing to watch a variety of beauty salons, doing there anti-aging treatments, and some, more bold, even agreeing, in order to preserve the youth in more drastic measures: aggressive peeling, injections the boteks or hyaluronic acid, inserting golden threads and even a surgical intervention.

However, there is very powerful, painless and inexpensive methods of dealing with wrinkles. One of these most effective ways is to popular medicine, and, in particular – homemade face-mask anti-wrinkles.

Facial mask anti-wrinkle effective for revenue

Facial mask anti-wrinkle - light, but active, as well as beauty salon procedures have pull-up, block folding and rejuvenating effect.

The right selection of natural components that are included leather mask, can do real miracles.

The only thing that needs to arm himself with a woman during the time of the "popular procedures" is patience, t. to. all of the components of the masks and anti-wrinkles natural, therefore, its action will be checked after a certain period of time.

But in comparison with many practitioners of therapies and procedures are absolutely harmless, and most important, are painless.

How to apply the mask to the face of wrinkles, right?

The man is a unique creation, and so in a certain period of life may appear allergic reactions to more natural and safe than one ingredient.

  • Before you apply any mask should be your content for the verification of an allergic reaction. To do this, apply a bit of tools in the inner part of your wrist for a few minutes, if there is redness and unpleasant sensations will not occur, then the mask can be used in the fight against unwanted wrinkles.
  • The mask, the more useful they are, should be done not more than 8 times per month.
  • Natural, masks have a limited period of time, so it is advisable to apply to your face, only on freshly-prepared.
  • Before you make the mask the skin of the face has cleaning, cosmetics and other particles, such as, for example, sebum.
Mask of dairy products

Mask anti-wrinkles - revenue applications

Today, there is a huge amount of unique recipes, pets, masks, effectively fighting with the ages of manifestations, which are the main enemies of youth, clear of eggs, vegetables, herbs, fruits, proteins mask of milk cream and much more.

Animal mask of dairy products against wrinkles

  • The mask of sour cream for wrinkles on the face

Composition: home oily, the cream of milk.

Mode of preparation: it is not necessary.

Application: the cream of a thick layer superimposed on the clean the face, where it is a 20-minute walk away.

  • The mask of milk cream, egg yolks, honey and banana against deep wrinkles

Composition:home cream of milk, the banana, the honey, the yolk of 1 egg.

Way of preparation: 1 ct. l pulp of banana, ground, in the porridge, mixing it with 1 egg, 1 ct. l-homemade cream of milk and 1 ct. liters of honey.

Application:curing composition put on the face for half an hour. The mask is made of course, made up of 20 procedures.

Each procedure is done 2,3 times weekly.

  • The mask of sour cream with parsley for anti-wrinkles on the face

Composition:parsley, home cream.

Way of preparation: 1 ct. l chopped parsley mixed with 1 ct. l oily cream.

Application:the mixture of milk cream and perfumed salsa apply abundant layer of 15 to 18 minutes, then the remains are removed with warm water.

  • The mask of Cleopatra for wrinkles

Composition: lemon juice, clay blue, cream or honey.

Preparation: all the ingredients are well mixed in equal parts.

Application: the mixture is applied about a quarter of an hour, then rinse clean, warm and then with cold water. It is made of a mask, a maximum of 2 times in 7 days.

  • The mask of the east, the beauties of the rejuvenation of the skin

Composition:cream of milk, egg white or yolk, spirulina, rice flour.

Way of preparation:1 tablespoon of homemade sour cream mixed with egg yolk (mixed, oily skin) or protein (for normal, dry skin), 3 tablets of spirulina and rice flour.

Application:this efficient miracle-the mask is applied in 25 minutes to 1, a maximum of 2 times weekly.

  • Cheese-egg shells mask of fine lines and wrinkles

Composition:egg yolk, cottage cheese.

Preparation:1 egg yolk stirred with 20 gr of fat cottage cheese.

Application:abundant layer obtained from a mixture of link the 20 minutes.

  • Cheese nourishing mask against wrinkles

Composition: carrot juice, milk, olive oil, cottage cheese.

Way of preparation:1 ct. l. oil mixed with 0.5 ct. l. juice obtained from carrots, 1 ct. l. of warm milk and 30 g of cottage cheese.

Application:overlay on wrinkled skin for 20 minutes, then is made a hot compress and the skin abouttIraetXia herbs for infusion.

  • Carrot-tVerona mask to fight aging of the skin of the face

Composition: fresh cream of milk, the ricotta, the juice of carrot.

Mode of preparation:the ingredients are mixed in the same quantity of 1 tablespoon.

Application:apply on the area of the neck and of the face in half an hour, and then washed with clean water, and the skin abouttIraetXia ice cube.

  • It is a fruit-tVerona mask anti-wrinkle

Composition: cheese, strawberry, banana, avocado.

Mode of preparation:to knead, grate, or grind in a blender with fruit, then your should be mixed with 1 ct. l. home fat cottage cheese.

Application:tvorono-a mask, it is recommended to apply on the face 1 time every 7 to 10 days.

Mask of banana

Homemade mask anti-wrinkles from vegetables

  • Potato mask anti-wrinkle

Composition:potatoes, glycerin, milk cream, milk, sunflower oil.

Mode of preparation: 2 ct. l. softened potatoes, pre-ontварeннonгon uniform, mixed with 1 h. l. of sunflower oil, 5 g glycerin, 2.5 h. l. homemade cream of milk and the milk.

Application:apply in 15 minutes, the traces are washed, purified, warm water.

  • Louparaonвая mask anti-wrinkle

Composition:onion, honey, milk.

Way of preparation:1 ct. l. lhaveparaonвonй paraasize mixed with 1 ct. l. rural, may of milk and honey.

Application:the mask cover the face for 15 minutes, then remove the remains of the warm water.

  • Carrot potato mask

Composition:potato, carrot, sour milk.

Mode of preparation: 20 ml aboutсtonparayour mixed with 1.5 ct. l. softened potatoes and 10 gr of grated carrot.

Application:mix overlapped in problematic areas (neck, face) for 20 minutes, then it will be removed with cold water, boiled water.

  • Vegetable mixture-mask

Composition:beet, carrot, cauliflower.

Preparation:make a puree, mixed in equal parts of kale, beet, and carrot. Then, AGRhiaem the resultant of a mixture of Marleвhaveю sale.

Application: Marl> evaya pala superimposed on the areas with wrinkles, for a quarter of an hour, then the remains of the mask are washed away with warm water.

Animals fruit masks anti-wrinkle

  • Mask of banana and avocado against wrinkles

Composition:banana, egg yolk, avocado, oil, olives, honey.

Preparation:1 egg yolk mixed with 1.5 h. l. honey, 15 gr crushed avocado and banana and with 1.5 h. l. oil.

Application:the mask is applied in the aging the skin for 20 minutes, the more the traces are removed with a disk and the warm water.

  • TolhaveбnohNaya mask anti-wrinkle

Composition:honey, strawberry, peach oil.

Mode of preparation:5 berries strawberry need to stretch, then add 10 g of oil and peach 15 gr of honey.

Application:the mixture is applied on the neck and face for 20 minutes, then it is removed from a disk, смonheннonм in the milk.

  • Lifting a mask with a cherry

Composition:cherries, olive oil, wheat flour.

Mode of preparation: meat 10 harisen mixed with 25 gr of wheat flour and 2.5 ct. l. oil.

Application:paraEliza applied on the face for 25 minutes, and then remains water washable.

  • The beginning of mask of eggs and honey anti-wrinkle

Composition:the egg, the honey, the oil of olive.

Way of preparation:1 yolk together with 10 ml of oil and 1.5 h. l. honey.

Application: mask overlaid on was drablhaveю the skin for 20 minutes, their remains are washed away with water.

  • The beginning of mask of honey and oats against wrinkles

Composition: honey, glycerin, water, boiled water, oat flakes.

Mode of preparation:a small amount of cereal necessary to grind into powder, after which it you want to add 5gr of honey and glycerol, 10 g of water and mix.

Application:the mask is applied a light layer of 20 minutes, is done one course per month (1 or 2 times in 8 days).

  • The beginning of mask of clay pink against wrinkles

Composition:clay, pink, and olive oil.

Mode of preparation: 20 g of clay mixed with 10 g of oil.

Essential oils and vegetable oils

Application:the mask imposed abundant layer over the area of the neck and face in 35 minutes, after which the skin should be cleaned using the boiled, hot water.

Herbs, essential oils and vegetable oils, effectively, fighting wrinkles

Such plants like: marigold, chamomile, lavender, sage, hops, tыXiahelIPtnopara and st. john's wort – is well eliminate the signs of aging and loss of elasticity of the skin.

And among the vegetables, ethereal MaclянIPts extracts effective opponents of wrinkles are: paraамфonрнone, TICtonвone, rose, grape, almond, burdock, sea buckthorn, linseed, castor, orange, and peach oil.

Generous nature gives the opportunity to use your natural useful gifts as rejuvenating, medicinal, anti-aging, vitamin means, through which the woman can still have plenty of time to get beautiful, rich and young!

Make a mask anti-wrinkle regularly and stay younger and beautiful!