For that arise wrinkles on the forehead, and if you can deal with this?

Keep the youth and beauty of your face is the dream of every person, but the years inexorably bring their. With the time the man looks at the appearance of wrinkles, which is a natural and physiological process.

However, the wrinkles on the forehead can appear even on those who have not yet gone pimples! There is, appear and, in large part, to blame ourselves. Let's look closer, why they occur and how to remove wrinkles on the forehead, and avoid the appearance of premature.

wrinkles on the forehead

How to remove wrinkles on forehead — tips and suggestions

For that arise wrinkles on the forehead?

The wrinkles on the forehead – it is the folds of skin such as the transverse and longitudinal grooves. Occur in the natural aging process of the body and cover of the skin, and, in consequence of the frequent reduction of the facial facial muscles.

The main causes that aggravate the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, they become the:

  • bad habits;
  • pronounced weight gain or weight loss;
  • nerve disorders;
  • facial mobility of a person;
  • bad environment, smokiness;
  • the poor diet;
  • anatomical dryness of the skin;
  • problems of quality cosmetics;
  • the lack of vitamins and minerals to the body;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • inflammatory processes of the skin.

The person — the part of the body that is constantly exposed to external influences, and remains always open. A direct hit of the sun's rays, the wind, the snow and the rain are often the cause of irritation of the epidermis. Harmful ultraviolet rays leads to a decrease of the strength of blood capillaries, loss of elastin, dryness, premature and withers.

The facial movements, the person expresses the state of mind, expressing joy, fear, anger, and fear. Reflex muscle contraction leaves the network of wrinkles that, over time, become more profound and visible.

Life is associated with a variety of stressful situations. When freed of adrenaline in the blood, the hormone is delivered to the vital organs, and the skin suffers from the lack of oxygen and vitamins.

Many times the factor of emergence of the grooves becomes incorrect diet, strong weight loss, usually from the stress of the body.

Not getting the nutrients the epidermis starts to take the vitamins from the subcutaneous tissue, by taking their water and destruction. Occurs to loss of elasticity and the appearance of creases and sagging.

the causes of wrinkles

Pathology of the internal organs leading to loss of elasticity of the skin, what they say, the degradation of color, the change of the structure of the skin and deep wrinkles between the eyebrows. Its formation occurs gradually.

The moisture loss from the skin leads to the impairment of its elasticity and the appearance of the first grooves.

How to remove wrinkles in forehead home means?

So, I just want to say that to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead, with a probability of 100% can be only in case if you start doing this already, at the first sign of aging. But, do not be sad and those who have already formed deep folds, these wrinkles can also make less visible.

How to get rid of wrinkles on forehead — where to start?

Then, we will discuss the main ways and forms of treatment, anti-wrinkles on forehead at home

Normally, this many masks, peels, all the exercises (gymnastics for the face) and facial massage.

Basic tips :

  1. An obligation is a daily face cleansing pollution.
  2. All procedures should be smooth
  3. Marked elongation and friction will lead to loss of the elasticity of the skin.
  4. Two times per week, it is necessary to perform an exfoliation of the skin. Exfoliation helps to clean the dermis of the Horny cells, accelerate the recovery of epidermis and improve the entry of nutrients. The procedure can pass the coffee grounds, the tempter, the salt, the flour of oats. Are not allowed in the resistant movement.
  5. After the exfoliation, you should make a mask for the face, in the forehead region.
  6. Twice a week oil compresses on the forehead region
  7. At least three times per week, facial massage and special gymnastics.
  8. Daily application of nourishing cream anti-wrinkle.
  9. As other tools that you can apply: the adhesive anti-wrinkles on the forehead, wipe the skin with ice cubes.

Mask anti-wrinkles on the forehead

wrinkles on the forehead, a mask of

Reduce wrinkles on the forehead will help a variety of masks.

Very effective are these three recipes :

  1. Cream protein of eggs, with the addition of lemon juice ( 1 protein, and 0, 5 h. l of lemon juice). The mixture is applied on the forehead, will be maintained until complete drying and after 15 minutes wash with warm water.
  2. Pulling the skin will help mask of a mixture of juice of raw potato with OgurahNYM juice (1:1) is Applied to the area of the forehead for 30 minutes, rinsed with warm water.
  3. The pulp of the tomato separates the peel and the seeds and turns into a puree and put it on your face for 15 minutes. This mask softens the skin and gives it tone.

Oil compresses against wrinkles on the forehead

Another a procedure very effective, able to reduce wrinkles on the forehead — oil compresses.

As the basis of adequate oils: olive, sesame, peach, rosehip, evening primrose.

Hot butter permeates the napkins of cloth and impose them on the skin of the forehead. Remain for 30 to 60 minutes.

You can cook hydrating the mixture to the area of the forehead of sesame or almond oil(100,0) with the addition of essential oil of geranium, lemon, cardamom (2 drops). Apply it daily to the area of the forehead in the morning, driving it with fingers.

Massage from wrinkles on the forehead

Massage is considered an effective means to combat the signs of aging in the forehead.

Before you begin, you should wash your hands and moisten your fingertips with olive oil or flaxseed oil.

  1. Transversal wrinkles on the forehead smooth, from mid-brow toward the apples of your cheeks. You should do 8 to 10 movements.
  2. Playing with the tips of fingers in different direction, that will help you activate the blood supply to the skin.
  3. Horizontal slots closed in the vertical direction, a vertical scratch that wrote the strokes.

This exercise is very effective against wrinkles in your forehead, which is desirable to carry out the following daily:

  • The eyebrows are set with the fingers. In this position, you need 10 times to frown and moved her eyebrows. More fingers have near the growth of the hair.
  • Have to omit the eyebrow and try to stretch the skin of the forehead, making 8 of 10 attempts.

Adhesive wrinkles on the forehead

Adhesive wrinkles on the forehead is still an effective tool for anti-wrinkles on the forehead.

It relax and lay down the muscles, by means of such procedures, small slots are quickly smoothed, the greater wrinkles it is necessary to use prolonged.

wrinkles on forehead cosmetics

Wrinkles on the forehead - the official cosmetics

Particularly in cases of smoothen the skin on the forehead to help cosmetic technologies. The technique and the tool for removal of wrinkles should be individually adapted, based on the structure and characteristics of the skin.

Modern cosmetics offers a variety of ways how to get rid of change. The most popular resurfacing laser, peeling deep, radiowave therapy, the massage vacuum. Deep wrinkles on the forehead, you can pull up with the help of intradermal injection.

As a result of the filling of the space of botox, smooths and reduces wrinkles of expression. Such procedures are repeated, as well as the drug, with time, resolved

The way to avoid the appearance of wrinkles in the forehead?

Prevention of wrinkles on the forehead is in muscle relaxation. It is not possible to build funny faces, stretch and wrinkle the forehead. You must take proper care of your face, in order to lead a healthy and active life, avoid stressful situations and watch the health.