How to remove wrinkles at home

Wrinkles under the eyes, on the forehead, between the eyebrows like a few people. But, due to our crazy rhythm of life, due to constant lack of sleep and stress, unfortunately, wrinkles appear quite often.


Do not try to mask skin imperfections, hide them under the decorative makeup. Enjoy the services of the beautician. Waste your money on a bandage, and not cosmetics

To get rid of them helps to mask the base of potato and cucumber.

  • You should take a little bit of potatoes and some slices of cucumber.
  • All grate on a grater and mix until the formation of a cellulose homogeneous.
  • To put it in bandages of gauze and place them in two minutes in the freezer.
  • These packages it is best to use frosty. Thus, the mask will be more effective, as there is a lot if you know that the cold is the best way of bags.
  • Then, attach them to the centuries of ten minutes.
  • The mask will improve circulation of the blood, purifies the skin, it will rejuvenate it and remove the wrinkles. And also contribute to the reflux of fluid and the result is a reduction of bags under the eyes.
  • It is worth mentioning that, immediately bags will not go away, that it was applied to the cold. Going to need more than twenty minutes, for the bags were gone. Therefore, the mask this is recommended for at least forty minutes before you leave the house to do.

Everyone knows that in a healthy body — a healthy mind. The beauty is not possible without health and harmony. Try to consume 7 glasses of drinking water daily, this will improve digestion, make the skin elastic. Do not drink a lot of water before going to sleep

How to make a skin beautiful and radiant

What is the woman who does not want to look attractive, charming and eternally young? To the skin of the body was always beautiful and radiant, precise and regular, which is not important to take care of her. But, it happens that we forget.

For the face and hair care carefully, but about what you need to even take care of your body, even do not think about or even lazy. As a result, the skin becomes uniform, it becomes dry and loses its elasticity.

In your hands, apply to the mass of the softened potato or boiled rice. If you urgently need to take your body in order, for example, to an important meeting, or a meeting, you can make a special mask. After this mask, the skin becomes incredibly soft and smooth

Before the mask, of course, you need to go first in the shower, clean the skin. Subsequently, apply the mask and completing all the treatments for moisturizing cream.


The mask of egg and olive oil

As for the mask, then, make the skin soft will help the mixture prepared from a yolk and a spoon of oil of olives.

Olive oil of superior quality. Apply to the body massaging movements hold for ten minutes and rinse.

The oil is good to moisturize the skin and the yolk nourishing vitamins. After the mask, skin is hydrated and smooth. To the skin to give a glow and a beautiful color, moisturizing cream, you can add a few drops of a tone cream or highlighter. This will cause your skin to uniform coloration, and give you glow.

To the skin to give a glow and a beautiful color, moisturizing cream, you can add a few drops of a tone of cream

Home remedies against wrinkles

Get rid of the wrinkles, without the help of cosmetics, unfortunately, is not possible. In the difficult task of fighting wrinkles can not do without different masks rejuvenating, chemicals. Now we're going to give you some recipes such masks.

The mask needs to choose according to the characteristics of the skin.

Mask the yeast-based

This mask accelerates the circulation of blood and improve the processes of transfer. Yeast mask has within itself a sufficient amount of vitamins

  • To make a mask mix with the hot milk fifteen grams of yeast.
  • If you are suffering by dryness, excessive of the skin, the solvent can be consumed hot olive oil, and if your skin is oily, use all known hydrogen peroxide. Ready mask consistency should be like heavy cream.
  • Applied the mask, it should in several layers. Being that the layer, you should wait until it dry and only then apply the next layer.

Be on the face the mask should be not less than fifteen minutes.

If you want to get a good result, then you must perform the procedure no less than twenty times.

Mask to the base of the banana

The tool is best to use people who suffer from excessive dry skin. It as well tones the skin of the face and helps get rid of wrinkles.


As you may have guessed by the name, for the manufacture of this mask we will need a little bit of banana leaves, which you must grind. If you do not use the banana leaves, then you can use the dried leaves. They can be found in any pharmacy.

Thus, the tablespoon of banana pour in boiling water, in the proportion of one to two, in the same mixture you must add a couple of tablespoons of liquid honey

Apply this mask has gentle movements. Keep the mask for at least twenty minutes, two weeks after a day.

The mask of natural components

Egg-honey mask

To get rid of wrinkles also help a lot in the egg-honey mask. Suitable for any skin type. All of the masks based on egg yolk and honey are suitable, such as dry skin and normal-to-oily and normal skin.

So, let's start the manufacture. An egg yolk needs to beat with a tablespoon of honey (preferably liquid). Next, the resulting mass should be diluted with hot olive oil. Ready-the mask should resemble the consistency of cream.

To use this mask preferably three layers. Which the layer should wait until it dries and then continue the procedure. After twenty minutes, the mask is necessary to rinse with water. Continue the procedure, it is necessary for one to two months.

Skin care based on fermented foods

This mask is a universal remedy to remove various types of wrinkles. As well as the action dairy products mask based on the properties of its parts.

With the help of the make up the top layer of the skin acquires a tone smooth, and the wrinkles in your surface smooth gradually.

We will begin to manufacture:

  • Tablespoon of cottage cheese, you should slide with the cream in the proportion of one to two.
  • If you are suffering by dryness excessive skin, the cream cheese to this mask is better to have more fat.
  • At this mass, you should add a tiny bit of dining room of salt, which acts as the sorbent.
  • As well as the dairy products are non-refundable prolonged storage, the mask must walk apply immediately after manufacture.
  • After twenty minutes, the mask is necessary to rinse with water.
  • To perform this procedure is required for a period of six to seven weeks.

The mask of flax seed

The mask from the seeds is quite efficient, since these seeds have a higher biological activity. Also as part of the main component masks have place different fatty acids, protein, as well as the fat-soluble vitamins, which can help to improve the skin tone.

Let's start the making of masks

  • A couple of tablespoons of flax seeds it is necessary to pour several glasses of water. After that this mixture is needed to bring to a boiling state.
  • To boil it has to soften, after which we make from the contents of a kind of mashed potatoes, and cooled to a temperature acceptable.
  • Also as in the previous, the mask, your need to be washed after twenty minutes.
  • Another effective technique is compresses.

Compress of wrinkles with the vegetation

This mask can be an excellent bleach bandits, and freckles. One more for your band is that it also contributes to wrinkles.

Let's go to the preparation of

  • A small amount of parsley with dill, finely cut and mix.
  • Then, you must have a pair of spoons obtained from the mass and pour half cups of hot water.
  • Then, the mixture should let it cool down. In the cold liquid wet gauze, after which this compress is superimposed on well-steamed skin.
  • The duration of the procedure must in no less than twenty minutes.
The mask of egg and olive oil

The mask chocolate deep wrinkles on the forehead

Many women prefer to buy only natural cosmetics — non-harmful chemical additives and preservatives. It does not cost much. But there is nothing better than your own, proven recipes, it is no secret that the new one is well old forgotten. Try to make the mask of chocolate. You may receive the hormone of happiness and will help your skin

Take a piece of chocolate (20 grams), a tablespoon of cream of milk and white clay (yield in the pharmacy) and a teaspoon of honey.

First, you need to melt in a bain-marie the chocolate, but not to bring up to a boil. Add everything else and stir until a pulp. Clean the face and neck and apply the mask for 20 to 30 minutes. Then remove with warm water water.

This mask is appropriate for dry and sensitive skin. If the skin is oily, the cream can be replaced with low-fat and liquid cream. The mask of chocolate, and others, do 2 times a week. And the face it is time to shine, and the humor is only going to go up.

The mask of rice anti-wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes

The beauty secret of japanese women is the diet. The main component of the japanese menu is the rice. As it is known — is an inexhaustible source of antioxidants – substances that prevent the aging of cells and stimulating the education of collagen.

The collagen slows down the aging of skin, protects against uv rays, prevents the early appearance of wrinkles. A large amount of vitamin E in the composition of rice protects the cardiovascular system, reduces the concentration of cholesterol in the blood plasma.

Here is a wonderful recipe mask for the skin of the face, improving the appearance and the wrinkles.

For this, your kitchen, it is necessary to:

  • three tablespoons of rice in the round
  • 10 ml of skimmed milk
  • 2 tea houses teaspoons of natural honey

Method of preparation

  • Carefully the washed rice to a boil, and blew the water (broth is not dump, it is still required).
  • In cooked rice add the milk and add the honey, mash is a mixture of yes mess in the form of the state.
  • Apply on the pre-clean the skin of the face, leave until dry, then wash decoction, in which the cooked figure.

The broth of the rice grain has anti-oxidant effect. In addition, it hydrates the curtains of the skin and improves the circulation of blood.

Moreover, the broth of rice can be with success applied to the discoloration of pigmentation in the skin.The beauty secret of japanese women is the diet

A mask can be used before sunbathing, it protects the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and prevents the formation of wrinkles.


The balance of the water

Everyone knows that in a healthy body — a healthy mind. The beauty is not possible without health and harmony. Try to consume 7 glasses of drinking water daily, this will improve digestion, make the skin elastic. Do not drink a lot of water before going to sleep.

Clean the skin

Do not try to mask skin imperfections, hide them under the decorative makeup. Enjoy the services of the beautician. Waste your money on a bandage, and not cosmetics. Protect the exposed areas of the skin against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, this will avoid the early appearance of wrinkles.

Many people refer to breathing very lightly, and because the correct breathing depends on the health. The correct breathing is able to rejuvenate.

  • Hence the malaise, fatigue, lethargy, bad mood. Immediately after waking up from your sleep a good stretch, put your hands above your head, take a few deep breaths. You bend over and touch fingers to toes, make breathing.
  • Open the window at any time of the year. Arise before him, and do more deep exhalations with the mouth should be slightly open.
  • Again, lie on bed, bend your knees, do inspiration and expiration through the stomach. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Even in ancient times, people gave great importance to the culture of the breath. And it is not in vain, because the respiration is directly related with the blood circulation. If breathing is defective, the treatment, the blood is not enough saturated with oxygen, which is so essential to every cell of your body