Expression wrinkles. The causes and combat wrinkles

15 000 times per day. Is the average of the number of contractions of the facial muscles. Of these, about 60 minutes. They help move the lower jaw.

About 40 muscles mimes. They react to the mental experiences, changing the expression of her face. Interestingly, in the skull of the muscles almost no. All of the 40 focus on the face. Here goes the facial nerve.

It is he who unites lines of expression muscles with a central nervous system. This interaction leads to the appearance of wrinkles. By that are different from the conventional, as they appear? Receive responses.

What are the wrinkles called facial

The wrinkles are not related to aging, the frequent reduction of certain groups of facial muscles. Still call skin. Other muscles of the human body is called skeletal.

The wrinkles of the forehead

The last start from the bones, and attach themselves. Mimic the same muscle, beginning near the skull, are attached to the skin. That is why the reduction in muscle fiber pulls the curtains, changing the expression of her face.

Some manifest expression wrinkles on the forehead. Other unattractive "crow's feet" at the corner of his eye. The third formed nasolabial folds, and the fourth place – a mesh of small wrinkles in the area of the mouth.

Respectively, are the most frequently reduce the muscles of the forehead, while the other eyes, lips. Dragged by a skin, the muscular fibres form she folded. This is the expression wrinkles of the face.

In contrast with the age, they are not associated with the loss of elasticity of the tissues. The elasticity gives the structure of collagen and elastin. Fiber of these proteins intertwine with each other, full of moisture, spring.

With age the collagen production decreases. However, the skin loses its elasticity, and falls in places of greater scarcity of protein.

The wrinkles of the mouth, on the forehead, nose, or eyes can see at least 14 years of age. It all depends on the activity of the facial expressions of a person and the parameters of your skin. Faster than all the bent formed in the thin skin.

For europeans, they are typical. The skin of asian and black, more dense, more thick. So, how to remove wrinkles in youth, we think, especially the europeans.

Up to the physiologists to explain the causes of facial wrinkles for the account of the work of the muscles and nerves, the professionals that recognize the properties of the people in their faces are the causes of changes in characteristics of personality. Familiarize yourself with their characteristics that vary from person.

The causes of the appearance of facial wrinkles

Expression wrinkles around the eyes, in the opinion of experts that recognize the properties of the people in their faces - a sign of care and excellent memory. Nice features, but they take the person to the top of the wrinkles. First, they manifest themselves when a smile, and then are placed on a continuous basis.

"Crow's feet" the eyes can go up or down. The last option is the pessimistic, suspicious nature. The trace of the corners of the eyes up talk about the joy of living. She becomes the cause of imitate the creases. Internal same aggressiveness manifests itself in the corners and on the wrinkles near the eyes.

Expression wrinkles

Scholars give the vertical creases between the eyebrows. Against facial wrinkles of this type says the second personality trait – stubbornness.

The holders of wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows can not to give in, not even noticing the fallacy of their actions and beliefs. The understanding is the fruit of reflection. People with wrinkles between the eyebrows tend to analysis. This propensity and changes the face.

The wrinkles of the forehead, as a rule, are horizontal. The longitudinal lines indicate the self-sufficiency and intelligence. However, small and intermittent folds horizontal – a consequence of the love for gossip.

Not everybody likes it, what he had in the face of what is written: — "I Love to wash the people of the bone". The goal becomes the correction of facial wrinkles. About how to spend your say in the final chapter. Until then, we will continue the analysis of the personality of wrinkles, realizing their causes.

Vertical stripes on the forehead are rare, are generally open and good-natured. Apparently, these people a little bit. It is hoped that the citizens in the streets were smoothing out facial wrinkles, hiding his goodness from prying eyes.

Though, the hide better longitudinal line between the eyebrows. Unlike the vertical, they say is not about intelligence, and about reports of shyness and insecurity.

There are on the bridge of the nose and curvy folded. They are characterized, mainly, men. Curving jealous. Its nature unbalanced. Especially should warn deep expression wrinkles.

They can be and external corners of the eyebrow. Starting up, such folded emit untrusted personalities. True or not, but the experts read about people have created a stereotype. Fit you yes, and lose the youth of the skin, want to some.

Therefore, the popular consultation "anti-wrinkle cream facial". If he can be effective, consider, again, in a separate chapter.

The horizontal line has the outer edge of the eyebrows, – a sign of honesty and dedication. Although it doesn't pack anything. The horizontal wrinkles of the end of the eyebrow, thus, the testimony of nature, that constantly something surprised. When everything in the world is impressive, it says a lot about your deep insight and the willingness to learn new things.

Above their eyebrows if there are wrinkles to be. Such folded signal on the anxiety personality, and, generally, they belong to people prone to stress and depression, states of panic.

Cream facial wrinkles buy and for the creases around the lips. Depart from its corners to the top – a sign of optimistic, of the lungs is on the rise and good-natured.

The descendant of a line – prevalence of negative emotions. The suffering and frustration are reflected in the nasolabial folds.

From the point of view of psychologists, they – is not a sign of smiling people. This is an opinion debatable. But, the effect of aging expressed nasolabial creases obvious. We may be younger, by choosing the best way.


Ways of dealing with facial wrinkles

How to remove the wrinkles at home? The question interested are not willing to spend money in beauty salons, do not trust them, employees. The answer is the same as regards everyone.

If the original cause of the creases – facial expressions caused by emotions, you need to learn how to control it. -In the first place worth getting rid of the so-called staples.

Met people who always raised shoulders? Often, this is caused by a species of muscle spasm. They not only are often clipped, in general, do not relax.

This is the staple. The reasons for this, or physiological or psychological. The first refers, for example, myopia. In this case, the eye muscles relax after selection of lenses, sunglasses, operational measures.

Psychological causes of cramps muscular fight more difficult. The need to understand the grip, or even the fear of being misunderstood they direct nerve impulses.

Wilful effort needs to relax stressful phase and to do this, each time that the newly you notice tension. The work is challenging. However, to really break the habit loop tests, strongly raise the eyebrow, omit the corners of the mouth down.

Another thing, healthy emotions, expressed with frequency, for example, the joy. It translates into a smile. There is no reason to give up one of them. How, then, to proceed with the facial wrinkles?

You can buy beauty products, for example, the mask of facial wrinkles. To include active moisturizing complex. It has been said that mimic the folded faster if they form in the thin skin.

But, even more fast wrinkle are generated when the drying effect. The lack of elasticity, literally, break the cover when the contraction of the muscles.

Moistened the skin produces to slow down the formation of facial wrinkles. Opinions about cosmetics do not point to the disappearance of creases, only partial softening and inhibiting education.

In cosmetics for the care of the skin on the face add hyaluronic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, the aloe vera juice, essential oils, and hydrolyzed elastin.

All of the components safe and, really, need skin. A problem in another. Cream yes a mask penetrate only the epidermis. Is the top layer of the skin. Meanwhile, irreversible processes are at the level of the dermis – the median layer.

There you can enter only with a needle or a microwave, the rays. The last help when age ageing, as it stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The needle is the same method to deal with facial movements. Block can not only wilful effort, but the botulinum toxin. This is the same poison that causes the disease botulism.

Common mortals of scale and in large doses, it is useful at the site of application. Timely introduction in the muscle blocks. The fibers may not shrink 4-5 months.

Respectively, about it, while it is locked, and the development of wrinkles. Are softened them due to the relaxation of the muscle. Be able to a complete only wilful effort it is possible to units.

The wrinkles botox is not able to fill. This is a mission of hyaluronic acid. Unlike an agent constructor, it is a natural component of the skin, accumulates it in the humidity.


Supplement acid from the outside is never enough. The moisture in the molecules of substances smooth the wrinkle, but does not prevent the muscle work. Responsible for guiding the prevalence of factors of nature you are bending.

Nasolabial folds, for example, it makes sense to lock. How, then, to talk, to smile? Necessary to fill hyaluronic acid. In the upper part of the face and more working the botulinum toxin. Combine methods, it is possible and even necessary.

Taking advantage of the injection, it is necessary to consider the temporary nature. The acid and the botulinum toxin resolve. The skin, as before, can not produce the right amount of aggregate and is not able to fight with the activity of the facial muscles, alive botox.

Are required repeated procedure. If the botox update about once every six months, the hyaluronic acid injected at least once in 8 months. Sometimes, the action of the acid is enough for a year.