The facial massage anti-wrinkle at home

The most effective way of dealing with changes related to age facial is a massage. Wrinkles appear to each person differently.

This depends on the skin type, the characteristics of the facial expressions, genetics, stress, and t. d.


Beauticians and therapists recommend to start the massage, when the first crow's feet — about 25 to 30 years. If timely approach to this procedure is really effective and gives good results.

The preparation of the face

Before the procedure prepare the skin of the face and the hands of the masseuse. It is important to understand that it is the hand is the main tool in the facial massage anti-wrinkle, therefore, with advance notice, you must:

  • Clear all decorations.
  • Do the manicure, that will not bring inconvenience to the customer, or you if self-massage.
  • Disinfection special means.
  • Pre heating handprints, if the hands are very cold.

For massage use more cosmetics, creams or vegetable oils — olive, flaxseed, oil of germs of wheat, peach bones and t. d. When the first procedure is better to use cream anti-allergic, does not cause a negative reaction of the skin.

For oily skin it is recommended to add the cream a few drops of lemon juice. You can still use the nursery powder in the base of talcum powder.

Before the massage need to do make-up removal of the face: remove all the cosmetics, cleaning the pores of dirt and dust. Over the face to warm up, wash of hot water, a decoction of medicinal herbs or apply hot of a wet towel. Time Rasperiatü the skin is not possible, to not cause burns.

The last phase of preparation — hydration of the skin tool. For dry skin apply the oil, and for oily skin — a special cream. The tool will leave on the face for 10 to 15 minutes. Then begins the procedure.

In-house massage

For home self-massage, it is recommended to perform some important rules:

  • There can be excessive skin or stretch it.
  • The arms should move smoothly, stroking the face and neck.

For self-massage apply to professional engineering:

  1. Appliques — the pressure on the skin areas, using the entire palm of the hand or the tips of the fingers. This technique helps to pull the oval face, giving the skin back its elasticity.
  2. Stroking. Make with the palms of the hands or fingers. Effectively for the rapid removal of toxins and boost the circulation of blood.
  3. Anthill. This technique is used to combat deep wrinkles. The skin pincht just massaging gently.
  4. Friction. Make circular movements with the tips of his fingers. This technique helps to relieve the swelling, accelerates blood circulation, reduces the deposition of fat layer.
  5. Kneading with the skin. Use 2-3 fingers for the procedure. In the process, captured the muscles and, simultaneously, sells light pressure and grind. This exercise helps return the skin elasticity and, simultaneously, removing the excess staple.
  6. Palms. Lightweight pat stabilize the work of the glands. The first are made of lightweight beats with the tips of the fingers, ending the technique already Ladochkami.

For sensitive skin only use the preservation technology: stroking, appliques, light crackles. It is better to give up their ways of exposure (strictures, mechanical, friction, kneading).

The technique of classical massage

This option good and early prevention of aging signs. Basic rule — the movement spend gently massaging. They coincide with the local turnover of the lymph. Errors of manipulation may worsen the condition of your skin and the wrinkles become even more visible and more profound.

Classical massage is applied preservation technology is to rub, caress, and easy to pat.

The procedure to start making from the center of the forehead. The muscles in place, position the relax. The terrain of the forehead, from the nose to the cheekbones, ending in the neighborhood of the growth of the hair. When the deep wrinkles supplements the procedure the kneading.

Then, gently massage the area around the eyes. It is important to remember that the movement in the always start near the bridge of the nose and sent to the outer corner eyes. And under the eyes of all, on the contrary. From the outer edge to the internal. It is very delicate part of the face, therefore, all movements are performed smoothly, slowly, according to the skin type. The upper eyelid can be a little massage with the tip of the fingers, to the bottom part of the century use only slip light movement .

The red nose, from the wings and are moving up. Cheeks and massage gently, avoiding stretching the skin. Make the procedure about three fingers from the corner of the mouth, face, lips to the apples of your cheeks.

The chin can appear, and hitting. When you massage this part, occurs prevention under the chin, pull the outline of the face.

Massage anti-wrinkle

Unfortunately, many times, the women end the facial massage is on the chin, forgetting about the neck. The area of the neck is important to take the time, using the right down and in toward the chin. Because she was the first generates the age of a woman.

Massage to the striking wrinkles

When the deep manifestations of age it is recommended the use of an intense manipulation. Special attention to the crease near the nose and lips, making pressures or the lungs tingling.

The Vertical wrinkle on the forehead clean with the help of ondaliani, and strokes the center of the forehead to cheekbones.

Assets strictures mechanics often use when deep wrinkles as an effective method.

Japanese facial massage

Shiatsu massage for us came from Japan. Before the procedure, it is important to relax completely. To perform your best in the early morning or in the evening before bedtime.

The face also needs to pre-prepare for clean makeup products and dust, heat up a hot towel. Perform the following exercises:

  • With the tips of his fingers push into the inner corners of the eyes. The exercises go from 4 to 5 seconds. An exercise repeated three times.
  • Distant are the points of acupuncture. When the pressure on these places felt a weak pain. Your need for massage with circular movements using the pads of the fingers.
  • LadOskol погLaживаюt neck, middle and top. This exercise perform 10 times.
  • The exercise with the lips. With the tips of the fingers погLaживаюt the lips through the corners of the mouth. The point above upper lip use for the removal of wrinkles.
  • Forehead гLadIt eight fingers of both hands. Move in the direction of the eyebrow upward and in the direction of the cheekbones to the forehead.

Reflexology of wrinkles

Some methodologies came to us from Tibet, India, Japan, Korea, or China. Prevention of aging — the impact on the acupuncture points (BAP). In each methodology indicated the number of your points, but in essence, the procedure is the same.

The basic rules of acupuncture:

  • The procedure only do the hot, pre-rathretbubbled hands.
  • One click on THAI lasts no more than 7 seconds, and in the neck, no more than 4 seconds.
  • The main working tool — the skin of the thumb. Some teachers use middle and index finger fingers.

Stages of the procedure

  1. All the muscles of the face tense after which relax the strength of will. The head turn to the right, then to the left. Simultaneously pronounce the "a" sound. This exercise helps relieve muscle tension.
  2. Reveal the mouth and leave the board from straw. After that, try to open the mouth widely, holding the muscles of your oral cavity in good shape.
  3. Begin to massage the forehead in a circular motion, gradually enhancing the pressure when you press the skin.
  4. Are looking for points in the area of the apples of your cheeks, and massage light circular movements with the tips of the fingers.
  5. Swing the head back, lifting the chin upwards. The front pull the lower jaw, stretch when the muscles. After a few seconds, returns to its original position.
  6. The ears close Ladochkami and hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  7. End the massage exercise to relax the muscles of the face.

Chinese facial massage

Do the procedure with the use of oils or creams depilatories. It is not possible to do exercises immediately after eating, it is best to make it through 2 hours after food intake.

Massage international method:

  1. The shoulders are created and relax.
  2. Back line up.
  3. Burlap hands between them, warming them.
  4. Turn eyes apples for the top, to the sides, down. The direction of movement clockwise and then anti-clockwise.
  5. Closing and opening the eyes of the queue.
  6. With the tip of the fingers lightly ondallywayt in the eye of the trough.
  7. ГLadIt wings of the nose, after grinding the nose.
  8. Massaged the ear of the shell, especially focusing the attention on the lobe.
  9. The fingers are created side-by-side, are the scalp, where the hair grows.

Massage for the face

A routine effective make not only the hands, but and special to the instrument. In the stores it is possible to find various kinds of massagers. They differ from each other in the form of work, price, equipment.

The main types of massagers:

Massage for the face
  • Jade — manual instrument, which is composed of 2 rollers, made of jade.
  • Roll — is a simple device, it is composed of multiple rolls of different textures. They lead to a person, lightly pressing down on the skin.
  • Ultra-massager affects the sound fluctuations in the skin, improves blood circulation and muscle tone.
  • Myo-stimulator — the more recent the device, apparently similar headphones. Its spread in the face, when you enable through your skin, passing electrical impulses that affect the contraction of the muscles, circulation, nutrition.
  • Massager electric affects the person and the risk of shock, stimulating muscle contraction, and muscle tone.

When you can not do facial massage

The experts do not recommend performing the procedure when all the following conditions:

  • Skin diseases (allergic dermatitis, acne, acne, eczema, and t. d).
  • Inflammatory processes in the skin (wounds, cuts, impacts).
  • The presence of formations (ulcers, hpv, warts, spots).
  • The thin skin, and the vessels are near the surface.
  • Sunburn, an allergy to the sun or to frost, the bark of the wind.

When any counter-indications beauticians recommend to do a skin treatment or opt for another procedure to combat the signs of aging.

Massage anti-wrinkle — very useful for therapy and prevention. He has not only aesthetic, but also for the effect. It is useful both for young people as prevention and care, and for mature women, to help you look young and fresh.