Exercises for face wrinkles: the complex home anti-aging fitness

Tools for facial rejuvenation, now there is not much. This and cosmetics, and beauty treatments and recipes folk. Each woman chooses what suits her best. But it is worth paying attention in gym for rejuvenation. The implementation of to elaborate a complex exercise, it does not take long and costs nothing. The result, if you do this regularly, appears quite fast and enjoyable to be satisfied.

Gymnastics for the face

General information about the fitness of the facial against wrinkles

The authors of the courses of gymnastics for the face of the promise that through such exercises it is possible to create practically a new appearance without resorting to plastic surgery. This, of course, a redundancy, but to improve the appearance and condition of your skin they are very suitable. It is advisable to start the 30-35 years of age, when they appear the first negative changes. Techniques of long ago, the attempt is perfectly possible to choose one or two, or the whole, build something of their own from liked the most and giving the best effect of exercise.

If you do gymnastics wrinkles regularly, you can significantly improve the appearance

In any system of training the worst-that is, if the performing the exercises correctly, not. In fact, it is the same load to the body. In consequence of the regular functioning of the muscles increases the blood flow to the skin of the face, is turned on its supply of oxygen and nutrients. As a result it is encouraged to update the tissues on a cellular level, the production of collagen and elastin. Visibly pulling oval face, disappear bruising and swelling under the eyes, disappear small expression lines, wrinkle. It is a common effect. But you can devote a greater attention and a certain problem, for example, the deep folds near the nose, with wrinkles in the forehead, the second has the chin.

If the performing the exercises correctly, the deterioration of the appearance will not be more exact

Before performing the exercises, it is necessary to remove the makeup and collect the hair

For the implementation of the complex takes no more than 20 minutes. It is very important when the appropriate mental attitude. Introduction to the exercise, you should consider what no gym does not give you the result combined with the smoke, by the excessive consumption of alcohol, fashion, fast food, chronic lack of sleep. Pre-re-evaluate your diet and lifestyle.


No gym will not help improve a person's appearance without the integrated changes in life-style and not-bad habits

Description existing complex

Techniques of anti-aging gymnastics for the face, there are a lot. Most of them developed abroad, but which have emerged recently, and the russians. Better pre-try the more complex to find the most suitable for you, but not enough immediately behind a thing.

Gymnastics respiratory

In addition to the technique in its simplicity and integrity of approach. In the process it is very important to proper breathing. Of the lungs need to release the air, and then make the maximum deep quick and sharp breath. Exhale through your mouth, simultaneously strongly by pulling belly. Wait least 8 to 10 seconds, to make it a new breath.

Breathing gymnastics against wrinkles gives visible results

At the time of holding the breath analyzed in a way consistent all of the assets of the point of the face — between eyebrows, external and internal corners of the eyes, the temples, the wings of the nose, the corners of the lips, the trestle heard, in places of fastening of the lower jaw. During these 8 to 10 seconds for them to press with your fingers, creating a kind of impulse. For each point you need to 10 repetitions.

The most well known an exercise "face the Ugly". Lips you need to collect in a tube, eye — to reveal the most widely. Then, the lips move downward due to the tension of the muscles in the region of the cheeks and the nose, and the eyes rising up. In this position, as far as possible away from the rod of the language, in order to work the muscles of the neck and the chin. The position is to maintain, for 8 to 10 seconds.

"Is ugly grimace" — the most known is the exercise of the entire complex respiratory gymnastics of wrinkles

To effect amplification, you can adopt an attitude of "Lion" – the feet placed almost in the width of the shoulders, the hands touch a little bit above the knees, the pelvis slightly set side ago. The head remain in a straight line.

The exercise ends with the fact that the lower jaw of the possible bulges to the front, the chin, simultaneously, slowly, a walk up to the ceiling. The hands are drained to the back, the feet do not come off the floor. In this position you need to hold out 6 to 8 seconds.

Exercises against for cheeks

"The Bulldog" cheeks strongly age and visually, make the person more rude. The exercises performed in standing or sitting. After gym preferably within an hour of leaving the active facial expressions.

Saggy cheeks strongly age a woman, and manifest it, they can at very young age

  • Imagine that you are about to scream. With effort, turn down the corners of the lips. Before you reach the limit, fix the position for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Move the lips, opening the teeth. Apply the tips of the fingers. Try to reduce them together, moving the muscles of the face.
  • The lips pull on the straw, cheeks strongly pull. Keeping the lips immobile, try to the maximum to inflate the cheeks.
  • Push the pencil or other object similar to a form only with the lips, without resorting to the aid of the teeth. Within two minutes, continuously, draw or write on the air any thing.
  • Embrace yourself the hands by the shoulders, tighten your lips in a line. Slowly, breathing, and, simultaneously, taking the head back. Before you get to the limit, stretch the lips, the flute, and secure the position for 4-5 seconds.
  • Opening up a little bit on the mouth, close your teeth with your lips. Outside the chin rest on it with the palm. Move the lower jaw to the front and back, overcoming the resistance.
  • To maximize the inflate the cheeks, typing in the mouth air. Apply it in the palm of your hand, push down. Due to the resistance of the muscles of the cheeks of air should remain in the mouth.
  • Press with the fingers nasolabial folds. Opening up a little bit on the mouth, in turn, close the upper lips and lower teeth.
  • Apply the fingers just below the cheekbones. The most widely smiled. Secure the position for 5 to 7 seconds.
  • Lift the chin upward, bulging it. The upper lip covering the lower portion. Slowly, tilt your head to the side.

Exercises for the face enough, you can choose for yourself 3-5 more effective

When the state of abandonment of the cheeks, choose 4-5 exercises and do every day of 10 to 12 repetitions. To maintain enough muscle tone to three times per week and repeat them for 5-6 times.

The gym

It is essential to the execution time of the complex — about six in the morning. The exercise is strictly a daily basis, in the order specified. You can pre-apply on the skin oil or massage cream. Starting position — back figures, the feet are pressed together. Each exercise is repeated for 8 times.

In the case of gymnastics, it is extremely important to the time of execution of exercises

  • The Phoenix opened its wings. Brush vigorously tow, warming up. Then, with the effort of driving together, raise the eyebrow. The eyes put the palms of your hands, 8 times easily push. Without taking his hand, opening eyes, looking for up-and-down, right-left, rotate in both directions.
  • Phoenix in the sky. The first three fingers put in a pinch, they capture the skin, in the center of the eyebrow. Slowly management and the creation of "impulse", they move first in one, then to the other side.
  • Phoenix alone. Large fingers pull the outside corners of the eyes. With a light pressure will lead to the apples of your cheeks and back.
  • Phoenix clean feathers. Brush tow, warming up. Then, pressing the palm to the apples of your cheeks, leading down along the cheekbones and jaw line up to the center of the chin.
  • The song of the phoenix. The palm of the hand folded appropriate, closing the mouth and nose, so that the thumbs were in the area of the cheek, and pointers were on the wings of the nose. Roth opened the maximum widely, stick language, they rotate in both directions, knock at the door of my lips.
  • Phoenix bebe jade water. Starting position — the same as in the previous year. Board folded flute, pulled on both sides, up and down. Then, shrink the most.
  • The Phoenix is an enemy. The palm of the ground, placing it at the level of the solar plexus. For a minute slightly drum the face with the tips of the fingers.
  • Phoenix clean. Your fingers comb the hair from front to back — temples, and forehead to the top of the head and the back of your head.

Japanese gymnastics

Also known under the name of "massage in Mexico. It is divided into two types — general of massage and shiatsu (impact on the specific point). Lay the second practice is highly not recommended. For the execution of all exercises involve only the forefinger and the middle finger. Must use massage oil or cream. It is not necessary to a complex whole, to select some exercises for more problem areas. Initial position — lying down or sitting. Impulse — tangible, but not the pain.

Japanese gymnastics of wrinkles can opt to focus on one or more problem areas

  • Cheeks. Hard to compress the jaw, opening up a little bit the lower teeth. The upper lip to maintain the property. Fix position, slowly counting to five.
  • The chin. Omit the chin to the chest, count to ten. Slowly you to play back the face-up. Keeping the head right, move on the side of the protruding lower jaw.
  • Forever. Close your eyes, a little delay, the skin external parties to the apples of your cheeks. Rotate the eyes apples in both directions 10 times, to "look" up, down, and side to side, remaining in the position for 5 seconds.
  • Lips. Opening up a little bit on the mouth, close your teeth with your lips. Hold this position for 15 seconds. Board folded flute, pull it to the front. Try to the most widely open the mouth, possibly keeping them fixed.
  • The forehead. With the effort of pressing the fingers to the apples of the face, closing the eyes, slowly spin them. To the extent possible to widely open the eyes, lift the eyebrows, simulating a big surprise. In the upper position to be frozen for 5 seconds. Place the fingers on the forehead, trying to raise an eyebrow, overcoming her resistance.
  • Nasolabial folds. Squeeze the fingers to the wings of the nose, with the effort to take down, describing an arc to the corners of the lips. Squeeze the fingers in the nose, slowly, were cut around the lips and contour.
  • Oval face. Strongly compress the jaw, the corners of the lips to pull away from the side, as much as possible. Slowly raise the head up, tilt to the side. With the urge to trace with the fingers the outline of the face, moving from the bottom to the top.

Dispersion of gymnastics

Points to be biologically active in the face a lot. The effect of shiatsu is simply wonderful, but if there is no proper preparation, it is best to call for the performance of procedures to a professional.

Shiatsu massage can only deal with a specialist in this area, the lay person can easily get hurt

General rules of dispersion of the gym:

  • do not stretch the skin;
  • position the pad of the finger is strictly perpendicular to the point that you just impact;
  • do not apply pressure too intense, just a slight painful sensation;
  • do not exceed the recommendations of the exposure time (maximum from 5 to 7 seconds);
  • if you move from top to bottom, forehead to chin.

The basis of massage is perfectly possible to do the same:

  • Three fingers of each hand to move the text to the area of the "third eye". Move approximately 0.5 cm to the side and up, push again. Describing a smooth arc, walk up to one of the temples.
  • Squeeze the fingers to the middle forehead of the arch, a little squeeze. Pass the pressures of all the eyebrow first to the outer corner, then, to the internal.
  • Repeatedly press the upper eyelid. Clothes to pass on easy-Pat, starting from the inner corner of the eye.
  • Squeeze the index fingers of the wings of the nose, bow down to the corners of the lips, cut around your outline. Hit the chin of the centre along the line of the lower jaw up to the ears.
Exercises wrinkles

Articulation gymnastics

Articulation gymnastics widely practiced by specialists in childcare, but and women can get specific exercise

  • Difficult to squeeze your fingers to the corners of the lips, to pull them, as if blowing on something hot, saying "I".
  • Put pointers and medium-sized fingers nasolabial folds, to stretch the lips, lifting up a little the teeth, saying something in between "And" and "S".
  • Breathe deeply, mark in the mouth of a little more air. Closing-the-expiring short irregular by the tremors through the right and left, be in the queue, saying: "About".
  • The fingers place on his forehead, significantly, to put pressure. To try to lift the eyebrows as high as possible, to overcome his resistance and speaking "Well".
  • With the thumbs on the wings of the nose, you try to inflate them, saying, "Uh".

The exercise of this complex to help visibly soften even very visible nasolabial folds, handle them, and with other issues clearly

Yoga for the face

Yoga is not just an exercise, but a special state of mind, therefore, before carrying out complex, try to relax as much, to get rid of extraneous thoughts and achieve inner harmony. Basic exercises for only four years before the start of each need to issue low zing "ohm-m-m-m". Back during the lesson, remain perfectly straight.

Yoga for the face

Yoga to the person widely practiced abroad, and in Russia, the author of the complex there is very

The occupation is necessarily preceded by a warm-up.

Working out is compression cuffs, the rotational movements of the shoulders, massage the ears. The basis of the complex is quite simple.

  • Very zazhmurte eyes. Indicator and average Paley fit between the eyebrows, so as not to pucker. The neck does not strain your. Secure the position for 10 to 15 seconds, dramatically, to relax.
  • With the tips of the fingers to massage the head, moving from one of the temples to the crown, after passing in the back of the head, and finally over the face.
  • Almost without touching the skin, massaging first the lower eyelid towards the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and then the top in the opposite direction.
  • Closing the eyes directs the eyes apples from top to bottom, to side and in circles.
  • Press your fingers to the center of the eyebrow. Place the look at the tip of the nose, clear the eyes for 10 seconds. Re-open them, put the look to the front.
  • Type in the mouth much as a lot of air, move it closer to the apples of your cheeks. Lightly slapped her face.