The ice on the face for wrinkles: the income of the youth

Are you looking for a tool to get rid of the change, notify in the rain and forget about the circles under your eyes? Instantly in the hall of the give you the effect you want, but the cost of the course will be very high. Are you in need of a cosmetic ice, and for the benefit of your application, you will be pleased with the following benefits:

on the ice, the length of the facial against wrinkles

The benefits of the use of the ice from the wrinkles

  • The Normal cube of frost, the liquid will become an alternative to the means of the proposals of the big brands. The cold will shrink the pores and make the curtains more smoothly, but more importantly that will result in the transcription of the elasticity of the skin. You are going to prevent the education of "crow's feet", and a clear loss of the contour of the face.
  • You are going to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, because of their training, it is often caused by problems with the circulation of the blood. The reasons for the occurrence, are also related to lack of leisure time and the use of inappropriate cosmetic products. In any case, you can reduce the size of the demonstrations, with the water frozen over.
  • The low temperature stops the inflammatory process and reduces the action of free radicals in the tissue. You cut out one of the main causes of aging, and if I don't go into unnecessary expenses.
  • In the absence of the activity of the sebaceous glands leads to dryness from the skin's complexion. It is of concern to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, but to to solve the problem, it helps to instantly, as it is also called the exposure to the cold. Rubbing his face frozen in a box, you give it the moisture and to give it the effect of the update of the cells, it is necessary to normalize the functions of the skin.
  • The owner, fatty's complexion is going to realize that it pays to use ice to the skin, and in the middle of the day, you don't have to complain about oily sheen.
  • Age brings not only wrinkles, but also changes in the levels of hormones that cause the appearance of the skin. Once the procedure is normalizes the activity of sebaceous gland, it decreases the irritation.
To keep the youth, to turn on instantly at home. The first results you will notice over a month now, and after some time, your progress will be much more visible.

How does it work? Under the action of cold, from the surface of the hair to become more strong and more deep to the vessels to dilate. As a result of the circulation of the blood, and they grew stronger, feeding on the cells of oxygen, and beginning to show signs of aging back. It instantly allows you to Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and other stars, without exception, to stay young.

Indications and Contra-indications to the use

the ice on the wrinkles

Instantly at home, as with any procedure, it has the indications and contra-indications. These include the following:

  • the presence of the wounds, and aggravated by inflammation, the visible veins and vessels;
  • the redness and the fort of dehydration;
  • noticeably stretched, the skin's pores.

It is important not to use ice before, you are going to get out of the house in the winter. In some cases, the use of stock cubes, frozen prevents you from a full night's sleep, because it excites the nerves.

On the basis of the recipe: how to make a cold remedy and against skin wrinkles

With the arrival of the summer heat an ice cube to your face of fine lines and wrinkles while at the same time, to give the sought-after freshness. To prepare you stick to, the following:

  • Grind it into a mash of 2 of a cucumber of medium size. Stir in the juice of the 2 lemons.
  • Add 1 cup of ice cold green tea, and ¼ cup of honey.
  • Pour the mixture into the form and submit it to the fridge.

When the liquid is going to harden and wipe it on the curtains, and allow the face to dry out. After 10 minutes wash your skin with clean water. For the net time, and he remained in the deeper layers, to use a favorite moisturizer to the environment.

Don't want to mix all of the ingredients? The Use of the ice-cream from green tea, the combination of the cold and the caffeine present in the liquid, delivering beauty.

The revenue is simple: "cosmetic", ice without the hassle of

To cook at home, ideal for the following recipes:

  • Aloe vera prepare the skin to essential vitamins and relieve inflammation. You are allowed to cut the paper into little pieces and send them in to the freezer or to squeeze out the juice.
  • Enrich yourself with the boiling water essential oil of lavender in a ratio of 2 drops of a cube. A substance that contains the organic acid, which helps prevent the aging process.
  • A broth of a camomile, which is useful for the elasticity of the skin, and also, he will deliver you out of the rash, and to soothe your sensitive curtains.
  • Statement of the prices to help with a mature beauty, it is also sad for the activity of the sebaceous glands, and stretched all the time. Mix it with water in equal parts, so that the action was not too aggressive. During use, care should be taken that the tool does not reach the eye.
  • Milk is useful for women with very dry skin, especially in the case of the work of the sebaceous glands, was broken, very hard to remove fat. In order to freeze, the use of the product in the home by rubbing the skin with the cubes inside a 3-4 min. Then wash it off with cold water. Be in the evening, and find out the changes that are related to your age, and dark circles under the eyes.
  • The fresh mint you will need to shred in a blender, and then put a small amount of liquid to give a paste texture. In the summer, it's an indispensable tool for the benefit of the down the blinds, after the aggressive action of the sun rays.
  • To use the rejuvenating properties of saffron, take the 1. h. l., to powder, and ¼ cup of water. Wipe down the blinds, for 2 minutes, to finish the washing.
  • All in favor of going, and the juice of an orange, after all, and your face will radiate with the youth. Enough to freeze, cool and then wipe on the skin for about 5 minutes, to the vitamin C, also contributed to the detoxification of the body's tissues. An antioxidant, it will also cause acne and osvetlit plan.
  • Preparation of a cosmetic ice, does not require a lot of effort. After work, you feel very tired at the end, to mix the various ingredients in these recipes, you are going to like it.

To learn more ways to use the gifts of nature

and the icing recipes

In addition to the well-known methods to take the weapons, and you have the following options:

  • The basil is effective to normalize the work of sebaceous glands and the treatment of acne. But it is rich in anti-oxidants, and therefore, they pour a handful of fresh leaves and ½ cup of water, mix it in a blender. Optionally, add in 2 h. l.) the juice of the aloe vera.
  • The juice of the pineapple contains the oxykiclcomes, so that it will not only help with the wrinkles around the eyes, but also to align it with the color of his face. Align the implementation with the use of the peel of the lemon, because the last one will come out on soft paper to clean. You will need 4. h. l., grated, and 1 cup of the pineapple juice to give the skin the nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • The application of a water-melon, it stimulates the production of collagen, is required to the elasticity of the integument. You will also be nourishing your vitamin A, B, and C, and when you add in the mint, and the normlwill Suite the allocation of the oily components of the mixture in the blender. If you want, you can simply cut the watermelon into cubes and send them into the freezer.
  • To enrich the stock of many pink-colored water (2:1), or just add dried petals, not to allow the liquid to cool-down. Do you straighten deep moisture with a regenerating action, it is going to bring it back to the younger generation. Freight charges, and fresh rose petals, that you want to fill in a decoction of chamomile, and let it stand for 30 minutes.
  • Dark Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, Accellarivudai lines. Also, it will take you to extensive hydration and help to deal with the skin. To achieve the result of take 1. h. l., weighed the component, and then place a quarter of a cup of water and mix thoroughly.
  • To blend instantly with the cleansing, and the 1 cup of pre-ground coffee, then add 2 slices of ginger, and 3 cups of salt. Dilute the mixture to 3 cups of water, mix with the components and a bottle of the liquid form. When the mixture is frozen, you get a scrub with a rejuvenating effect.
Cosmetic, ice, and prepared according to the recipes, it can be stored for about a week. Line up the beneficial effects of the cold and the property is amazing!!

How to clean up your skin on the ice

You want to get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes? You can also choose an alternative method of treatment, and the role it will play, and the method of application. Do it instantly just to clear up the skin, and by choosing early in the morning or in the evening. If you like to be before going to sleep, wash it off using a soft pionki, or wipe your face with a mixture of oils, a mixture of castor oil, hemp seed and jojoba, adjusted for your skin type:

  • for oily skin: 30 % castor oil, and jojoba, 40 % hemp;
  • for a normal, or a combination of both: 20 % castor oil, 80 % of the week;
  • dry: 10 % castor oil to 70 % jojoba, 20 % hemp.

During the course of the morning, instantly, is allowed to do so without washing your face, except when, in a dream, and you will sweat.

Then, you can take the hub and clean them, massaging them gently, making small circular movements. Does not affect the delicate skin of the eyelids and the area near the eyes. If you keep the ice, with the hands on the unpleasant, use a lint-free cloth or you can get on the special sizes (they are sold in the To carry out instantly to the preference of standing next to the sink because the ice will melt and the water will drain out. In conclusion, you need to dry your skin with a soft towel, then apply a moisturizing cream.

To make the cubes, the use of mineral still water.
how to cope in the face of the ice

How to deal properly with his face to the

To get the maximum effect, begin to massage the ice cube on the area of the forehead, gradually moving on to the apples of your cheeks. Do it in a circular motion, and then walk to the easy-on horizontal rings, havelhavehchausie the flow of lymph (don't press too hard, so as not to stretch out the curtains). In the next step, it is the area under the eye, moving from the bridge of the nose to the apples of your cheeks, swipe on the ground, in a circular motion from the chin to the nose, in order to avoid the occurrence of nasolabial wrinkles. He continues to treat the cheeks, and the contours of the face, the procedure will be done.

Massage with an ice cube should take no longer than 4 minutes, in the end, the continued exposure to the cold is bad for your hair. If, in the process, came up with the discomfort and redness, stop the procedure.


Thanks to a home in the cryotherapy may improve the circulation of blood in the tissues, the nourishing cells of oxygen. As a result of the aging process is going to slow you down, and the impact of the ice will provide coverage for the necessary moisture. And, to enhance the effect, use the in-the-box, frozen in the water, and the juice of herbs, or juices, they are rich in anti-oxidants. Just don't expect an immediate result as to the improvement you need 1 to 2 months.