The masks are the most effective for the wrinkles around the eyes

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The woman begins to think about his age, and the action is relentless, the weather, the first sign of aging, which are found on the face. It is close to 30 years of age (one a little earlier, someone later), when they begin to appear on the notorious crow's feet. The mesh lines, which diverge in different directions from the corners of your eyes, and go out of fashion, the look is not as vivid and eye-catching. And then after 30, the skin in these locations, the SAG, and everything, is more clearly manifest in the actual procedure to take place.

the wrinkles around the eyes

The cause of the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes

Many of the animals are of different shades versatility: put the cream, on the face of the up-to-date on the skin, mixed with the honey with the egg, saturate it. It is a completely different thing, and with the tools that are used to take care of the skin around the eyes. This is the area of the face that is different from all the others in their building, so it's not all of them are suitable and adequate for the purpose of arranging her lines. Once you know what it is, here you see the first signs of aging, it may be time to warn them of the occurrence. Some of them are due to causes that are physiological, it is not dependent on the factors of the women, and that it is wrong to go out:

  • This part is not affected by the sebaceous glands, which would be wetted to the skin, so that the gradual dehydration (loss of moisture), leading to the formation of unsightly folds;
  • Around the eyes are a tiny muscle, and reflecting each and every emotion that is going through a man: hence, there is the inevitable expression lines and wrinkles, it is not possible to prevent anyone.
  • With the passage of time, the cells lose the ability to produce it is important for the elasticity of the skin, of the connection, such as elastin and collagen, as a result of the formed wrinkles, bags, veins and small wrinkles;
  • Without additional protection, the area of the face suffers the first of the phenomena, atmospheric effects (heat, cold, snow, wind, ultraviolet radiation from the sun c.), it hurt, sensitive, thin, delicate skin around the eyes: we recommend the use of all types of protective masks;
  • The abuse of a decorative make-up is actively contributing to the solution of the moisture out of the cells, the skin begins to age and is paid to the appearance of wrinkles;
  • The long-lasting presence close by of a computer is still an indirect reason, which can lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the area of the face.
  • Distraught the day (lack of sleep and chronic) may be, the very first wrinkle under the eye can already be seen in the twenty-year old girls;
  • A poor diet will not provide the body's need for substances, get less of them, and the skin, and the result is sagging and bending.

The characteristics of the building and on the skin around your eyes, make you more alert, and the greatest care when referring to that part of the body. The basic rule-of-nursing-application of the nutrient facial masks, facial cleansing, cosmetics for washing every day before going to sleep will help you to prolong your youth, and advise on the early development of wrinkles. On the long seat behind a computer, well past midnight, and the daily fast food, the soda, there is also a need to forget in order to bring its appearance in order.

The characteristics of the skin around the eyes

Unfortunately, to stop the process of aging of the skin around the eyes is not possible. However, it is perfectly possible, in a meaningful way for you to slow down and also to completely prevent the situation when the skin loses its great elasticity, it becomes loose, it will appear in bags of up to heavily SAG and the corners of the eyes fall off.

Any way to hide the nasty image that is incapable of any make-up, even for a very sweet and efficient. It is for this reason that the skin around the eyes is in need of a good service, they should be taken, even from a very young age. Therefore, it is very effective is a mask around the eyes, and the best of the recipes, which are presented in the following.

how to get rid of the wrinkles

The dryness of the skin around the eyes

Your eyes are constantly on the move, as well as the eyes are the most mobile organ of the face. The man squints his eyes, open and closed, is expressed in the facial movements, the feelings, and is always straight.

With age, the skin of the eye is elastic and does not lose its shape with your eyes every day, run of the order of twenty thousand or so different moves. However, with the passage of time, everything changes, therefore, are without special means of protection to the skin, to do the impossible.

It is, of course, you need to have certainly to purchase cosmetics for your eyes, go to the salon, and then apply a variety of masks are home-made for the skin around the eyes, which, when it is properly and in a timely manner, use not necessarily help to considerably slow down the process of aging, get rid of the puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes.

Bloating, and ways you can deal with them

Swelling is the most common problem for lots of people, and the experts will tell you that your eyes may swell as a result of problems of the circulation of the lymph fluid in this area. To reduce the level of expression of the swelling and eliminate them forever, you can special different shades. In that are quite different in ingredients, including the bananas, then the sour cream, spinach, parsley, cucumber, and squash. A mask for the skin around the eyes is known as an effective revenue.

The other is fairly common and simple, the mask is composed of the pulp of the apple. For its production need to grate the apple and put it in the liquid, resulting in swelling. Or, you can make thin slices of an apple and, over a period of fifteen minutes, keeping them on the problem areas. This mask is a happy, efficient and against the swelling, as well as of the substances contained in apples, you can quickly eliminate them.

The dark circles under the eyes, and the means of dealing with them.

Another common problem is dark circles under the eyes. In fact, it is common for swelling, and the main reasons for the rise might be using is absolutely of a different character. Thus, for example, if it is a little bit of sleep and a lot of times, you are exposed to stress, and in the case of the location of the hair close to the surface of the skin is very thin.

The most suitable for the tool, that is, of course, a strong and healthy sleep, daily walks and outings, as well as physical exercise. And, at the same time, to apply to a variety of folk remedies, including the skin, the skin around your eyes (in your home), then these circles can be greatly reduced, and usually disappears.

Mask, anti-wrinkle, around the eyes — the best recipes

Those who regularly use a mask for the skin around the eyes, we have an expressive face and a radiant look. After all, that is, so as not to upset the little rays of wrinkles at the outset, from the corner of the eye in different directions. If the fact of his or her looks that are already out there, between the shades you need to choose those that have a lifting effect and it have a very high degree of hydration. Both of these properties, which will enable them to cope with hiv / aids. It's your choice, experiment with different recipes, you can find the remedy that best suits you.

how do I use a mask for anti-wrinkle
  • In the yeast + milk. A normal yeast (25 gr), dilute with the warm milk until you get the consistency you want: a mask should not be too thick so that, once dry, it is not tied to the skin, and it should not be too liquid so that it does not go down, falling into his eyes. In the mask of the animal to replace the milk, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Potato + sour cream. Fresh, raw grate the potatoes on a grater. In 1 of the tables. to see the results in the puree, add a 1% change months of fatty acids (25-30%) of heavy cream. For the mask, you can use the one you already must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Apricot + cream. Chop up the pulp of the apricot to the puree, whisk in equal amounts, with oily skin (30%), sour cream and homemade.
  • The lemon + salt to taste. The mask is highly effective to combat the appearance of wrinkles close to the eyes, but be careful, the salt may be a annoyingly acting on the sensitive skin in this place. If the mixture is going to fall into one of the eyes, may cause long-term redness. Cut a ripe lemon in half. From one of the halves, then manually squeeze the juice out (it happens approximately in 1 of the 2 tables. the spoons of the soup). Beat up on the status of the air, of a foam of the crude protein, add the juice of a lemon. At the last moment, pour a little bit of salt (1-2 g). Before you apply, stir it thoroughly, and don't forget to check the reaction of the skin.
  • Oats + milk. Ideal for the skin around your eyes, use the oat flour. But if you're not, you can grind regular oatmeal in a coffee grinder. Pour the 2 tables. tablespoons), the same amount of hot water, leave for half an hour for the swelling. The slurry is best applied warm.
  • Honey + protein. Honey, in the heat, and the liquid (1 remote). a tablespoon) beat with a new yolk and the protein-to-add-a thick wheat flour (1% change-month), which is known for its tightening and re-energizing properties.
  • The Banana + oil. The Ideal remedy against facial wrinkles. Mash the pulp of a banana with a fork, to mix up (1 remote). a tablespoon with the butter, previously melted to the liquid state by (1 remote). with a spoon).
  • Camphor oil + pork fat. If you don't take away the smell of the camphor wood, and you calmly treat the interior of giroux, the subnet mask, it is able to meet your expectations in getting rid of wrinkles. Mix camphor in oil (3 table. tablespoons with the same amount of the inside fat of the pig, previously melted in a steam bath.
  • The bread + milk. A loaf of bread, white, stale bark pour a small amount of warm milk. Wait for the swelling to knead, and in the form of heat, to impose on the skin around the eyes.
  • Honey + milk products. The cheese pour in the milk, in a quantity equal to (1 of the tables. teaspoon), stir well. Add the honey and heat a liquid and the heavy cream (1% change spooned). Pour a 1% change months of a plant-based oil (can be olive oil). Milk and milk products should be as high fat content.

The wrinkles will gradually become less clear, it is not so visible and clear, and the appearance of the new stops. If you continue to have chronic not getting enough sleep, and you do not provide your body with the vitamins and other assessments to you the substance, the masks may be unable to resolve the issue. The only solution to this problem that can guarantee you the results you want.

The rules on the use of face masks against wrinkles

The special structure of the skin around the eyes requires that the appropriate application is prepared from a prescription of a mask. This will make them more effective.

the effectiveness of face masks
  1. If the lines do not, you do not need to be prematurely and suffer for what has not yet happened, and, as a precautionary measure in the use of these tools. Select from any of the other nutrients, or just a moisturiser, but without the lifting effect. If you do not, the result will be exactly the opposite.
  2. The mask's anti-wrinkle under the eyes exempt from any of the experiments with the recipes. If it is specified, and that the kitchen will need to have the cream of the milk, the gentleness of the use of this product, and it is not in the kefir, PRestoques, or yogurt.
  3. You will be able to find for making a homemade mask of egg and dairy products, the efficiency of the mask is increased by several times.
  4. For a hearty breakfast of hydration in this phase, the person is to use dairy products with higher fat content.
  5. Prepared by mixing a pre-check for the existence of an allergic reaction: a small amount of oil on the wrist and brush it on for 15 minutes and then 3-4 hours, with the reaction to it. The lack-of-itch-and-rash - a sign that the mask may be applied in a sensitive area near the eyes.
  6. Before you apply, wipe the eyelids and the eyelashes of a cosmetic.
  7. Apply the recommended gentle with the tips of his fingers, as if driving the tool into the skin.
  8. During the time of the action of the mask, it is not recommended to walk around the house to do something, to show emotion. It is best to lie on your back with your eyes open, to relax, to think about as well.
  9. Be careful the mixture does not stick to the eye, if it is contrary to any of the ingredients it can cause irritation, and they are a very blush.
  10. Will not keep a mask on for longer than 15 minutes. The best time to about ten minutes.
  11. To wash you need water, at room temperature or in a disc, soaked in a broth of herbs.
  12. Regularly, the key to the effectiveness of any mask. So, don't forget to do this a couple of times a week, after a bath or shower before you go to bed.
  13. Change in the composition of the mask, so that it does not cause your skin to become used to the same ingredients. The recipe of the month — it's time to bring in the other one. So, if you need to, you can go back to the old one.

Wrinkles under the eyes to appear early, and are able to spoil the impression of the beautiful and the young man's face. In order to delete them, you don't necessarily have to be a modern beauticianshaskim how to do this — to do this, you will always have the time. For a start, you can try folk remedies, proven knowledge and experience of our ancestors.

If you are far away from the 40's, and in front of you, giving you more than 30 minutes, you can be considered to be an incredibly takinghher a woman. Generally, after the age of 40 years, a woman begins to dip on their own in complex. They are all trying to deal with it in a different way, however, it is the only way to deal with the PROkazaki in nature - that is, to enjoy its benefits. It is the application of natural remedies to deal with the changes that are related to the age of the skin.

Some useful tips to keep the youth of the skin around the eyes:

how to wear a mask
  • For washing, use only cold weather, and clean drinking water, you can enjoy in the snow (don't tap and don't boil the water!). This water will enhance the circulation of blood. You can use a cosmetic ice.
  • Apply the cream on the eye area it should be in small pieces, giving away both of these strokes, with the tips of the unspeakable-finger (for the fingers that are less developed, they would not be able to deform the skin.
  • In the morning, it must be the nutrients in creams and gels, and make-up, with the effect of lifting a day. If not, you may be much more severe swelling.
  • In any case, do not use the cream for the face on the skin of the eyelid.
  • Make sure to use cosmetics to take care of the sun protection factor.
  • The make-up needs to be replaced every three to four months, to avoid having to get used to it, or allergic reactions.
  • In the winter and autumn periods, you should be taking a multi-vitamin complex.
  • More walk in the fresh air, and keep a active life-style.

The beauty and youthfulness of the skin is the result of the regular care of a nurse. So, learn how to take care of yourself and your skin as soon as possible, in order to prolong their youth, and in the centre of the view.