The wrinkles of a puppet: what it is, why they appear, and see if you can get away with it?

Wrinkles hand puppet wrinkles) is a type of skin changes in the aging process. Many times, this defect is attached to the face of a woman in a sad or unhappy expression.

The correction of wrinkles of a puppet show

What are the wrinkles of a puppet show and why do they show up

It's an unusual name – is the realization of a clock with a doll, a puppet. A characteristic of such toys, into the jaw and in the region of the mouth are visually separated.

In the event of a problem arising due to the existence of earth gravity. Each and every year that goes by, the skin is increasingly losing its elasticity, which is sinking to the bottom. The force of gravity to form the creases around the mouth, and it is inevitable.

Causes-of-wrinkles-puppet for some of them.

  • It is not allowed. This destructive habit can speed up the aging process of the human being and, therefore, prematurely, causing such as wrinkles puppets on a string, and the others of his kind.
  • Due to hereditary predisposition. Women are genetically prone to the dry and thin skin close to the mouth, you can see the fine lines and wrinkles, even in middle age, far from old age.
  • The loss of the tooth. When a person starts out with great difficulties with the teeth on the jaw will vary depending on the severity of the disease, and because of this, and the formation of wrinkles around the mouth.
  • The drastic weight loss. Diets that promise you weight loss fast do not go to the office. At the end of the test, the skin becomes saggy due to loss of elasticity.
  • The muscles are weak person. If, in the face of a woman has low muscle tone, the force of gravity is a lot faster, you'll start to get the skin down.
  • The constant work of the muscles of the upper lip. She and the other girls who have linked their careers to work in the mouth, and often feel stiff in this area, which can lead to early wrinkling in sorrow.
  • The ultraviolet radiation from the sun. He quickly becomes a general nature, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles-puppets on a string.
How to remove wrinkles around the lips

The ways of dealing with wrinkles of sorrow"

Unfortunately, it's totally the reverse process, that is, it affects the look and feel of a woman, it is not possible. However, there are ways that it can affect the development of the defect, and that they are clearly visible.

The patch to the skin of the face, in a way, neglected, hard, and long, long way to go. The wrinkles may not disappear in the blink of an eye, but he is ready to fight back on his own youth and beauty, is necessarily going to get what you want.

To get rid of the wrinkles, the sadness, all the methods are just as good. By taking advantage of the various options, while at the same time, you can get the result much faster.

  • The procedure in a beauty salon and a beauty salon. The outline of the plastic wrinkles by impressive enjoy the popularity among women and men medical to its name, it is a great alternative to plastic surgery. The guy really turned on from held on it's operation, and the correction of the most significant ones are going to give you the style that is in the interests of clarity. Beauty salon is a procedure that can rejuvenate a woman's outwardly more than ten years ago.
  • The use of drugs. The various shades consisting of correctly matched with the ingredients slowly, but it is the right solution for your problem. They are in second place in the efficiency of the method of disposal of wrinkles-puppets on a string.
  • To Revitalise. The best way to get rid of the first wrinkles – fitness for your face as well. The regular work is not going to expect a nice result, the muscle tone of the face and supple skin.
  • A self-massage. This approach to the problem, it tones up the muscles, contributing to better circulation of blood and also enables the draining of the veins, and blood vessels.
  • Plastic surgery is the surgery. The deep wrinkles, highly visible, conventional methods may not, an impressive work with the skin. The cardinal, a method for the removal of the wrinkles in the operation. It is perfect for women of advanced age, who desire to look more and more like a young man. However, with the proposal of a struggle than it's worth to be careful while carrying out an operation, you may experience an allergic reaction.

How to deal with the procedure to take place-the snowmen, in all different ages

19-30 years ago

The girls are often very sensitive if you mention their looks, for that matter, even the most minor imperfections are not to be neglected. To get rid of the rare wrinkle help in moisturizing, and also natural shade. No you are wrong, and the correction of the power supply. Dreams of the perfect skin, the girls are required to reduce the consumption of:

  • The products of the bakery
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Strong drinks, such as coffee or tea);
  • Meat is the fat;
  • Sweets, soft drinks,
  • Smoked and deep-fried dishes.
A quality kitchen

It should be kept in mind that the key to the success of a quality cuisine that includes the use of a proper amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your body should get all the trace elements, otherwise, the quality of your skin, you run the risk of being corrupted at a very young age.

From 30 to 50 years old

"Step back" out the wrinkles at this age, it is sometimes difficult. You should not give up on the patch, in a beauty salon.

There are women, which is the recommended in the fight against wrinkles, because of the special ones. Massage, and masks are always important, but the procedures are intended to "soften" wrinkles that may have contra-indications. Including the following:

  • Of the disease. Viral disease, or any other of the acute-phase prevents the patch from his face. Thus, the skilled from the clinic to avoid a disappointing result of infection, and staff;
  • Pregnancy;and
  • A low platelet count in the blood.
  • Allergy to the drugs used;
  • The time of thinning the blood, medications.

The animals, in methods for the removal of the wrinkles of sorrow,

How to remove wrinkles around the mouth without the need for the resolution of the issues in the lounge? The patch of skin at home-it's a fast and affordable way.

The Miracle of the skin as a method of facial rejuvenation

With the help of the pilling and it removes all the dead skin cells, making the face more youthful. After the skins of the berries, and the fruit, the skin becomes more smooth, and the vegetables mask to refresh the face and give the skin a smooth glow.

The ingredients of the mask The method of preparation of The period of time during which the mask should be the problematic area

½ The Fruit of the avocado

1. h. l., honey in the liquid form

the yolk of the egg

grind the avocado pulp;

mix the products until it is a homogeneous mixture

A 15-minute

2 tablespoons of gelatin.

the warm water

the oil solution of vitamin E

mix the gelatin with water and wait until the swelling has gone;

add the vitamin E

A 30-minute
2. h. l. de mel

a raw carrot

grind the seeds;

mix all of the ingredients

A 20-minute
the banana-size small

1 St. l. a honey

1 St. l of olive oil.

an egg yolk

finely chopped banana;

mix the ingredients and stir until a homogeneous mass

A 20-minute
Exercise for the face

Exercise for the face as a way to get rid of wrinkles

The exercises that you are able to soften the area that the manifestations of the appearance of wrinkles and improve the muscle tone of the facial. One of the regular self-massage after the action will result in the shortest amount of time possible.

  • By inflating the cheeks (retention of breath in about five seconds;
  • I press my lips together in a tube (intensive to run more than twenty times in a row);
  • Pooherenee by inflating the cheeks;
  • Pull out the wrinkles in their lines;

To attain the maximum effect "loading" the person should be able to do after waking up and before going to sleep on a daily basis.

Beauty salon and the procedures for the correction of wrinkle-marionette

To get rid of this unpleasant defect, it may be in the home and in the salon. Cosmetic contouring allows you to correct the deficiencies that are visible, without having to resort to plastic surgery.

In this way, the elimination of wrinkles-so they have a head start on the massage, and masks, the result is immediate. There are special clinics, where one or more of the sessions of the folds completely for months. However, your potential customers too many times to think about how you will have the best effect. The requested operations may include the following:

  • Expensive;

Botox – the drug has the ability to block neuro-muscular communication, which promotes the relaxation of muscles. Of the skin lines, and wrinkles it is on the track.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons

8 months ago


Models and tags of the tracks

An immediate result of

The use of botox is safe in amounts acceptable to you. However, it is well worth it as the remedy to fall into the hands of a non-qualified specialist, and the wait can be about anything.

  • The outline of the plastic;

The outline of the plastic – to- fix-the-face, when the introduction of injection moulding. The action of the procedure is to fill in the area beneath the skin of one of the most significant ones. Therefore, the amount of muscle tissue will be restored.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons
Depending on the density of the drug. The highest store is the result of a two-year, the lowest in six months


In the short term as a result of having an active, movements and facial
Security Models and tags of the tracks
  • The hardware of the procedure;

Sino-american hardware, it may have an impact on the area of fat under the skin and the layers of time, more in depth. The work of the experts in the field of skin rejuvenation and improvement of skin, and it helps them to come up with special devices.

The duration of the effect Pros Cons
The effect increases with each and every session can take anywhere from two to eight visits) Speedy recovery In the case of deep wrinkles might not be effective
Skin rejuvenation
The improvement of the condition of your skin
The prevention of wrinkles around the mouth

The prevention of wrinkles around the mouth

And so as not to face the issue of wrinkles-puppet, you need to pay attention to the way of life, and to take into account some of the rules.

  • There are units of the provincial diets and promising a quick result;
  • The total failure of the cigarette, at least, a partial failure of the alcohol;
  • The use of various creams, masks and moisturizing of the skin;
  • A Regular self-massage, and facial;
  • Deterrence is an active and facial expressions.

Ways to alert you to the lines of the puppet, we recommend that you use it during the fight with the defect.