How to remove wrinkles on the face, and the most effective methods of

The appearance of wrinkles in the view of many the signs of aging of the skin. The representatives of the beautiful half of the humanity to lead a continuous battle with them, in order to maintain the freshness and beauty of your skin. In this struggle, the question of "How to remove wrinkles on your face?" it becomes more and more relevant with the age of the woman.

the appearance of wrinkles on the face

Before you figure out how to remove the wrinkles on your face, you understand why they are occurring

The wrinkles are due to the folds of the skin. They appear on the surface of the skin on the face, neck, hands, and other parts of the body. They can contribute to the occurrence of falls and / or there are a bunch of elastic fibers, and collagen and elastin are the two essential ingredients of a person's skin.

The natural processes that occur in the body, without exception, to contribute to the development of wrinkles in old age. This leads to the loss of skin elasticity, the ability to retain the moisture in the violation of its metabolic processes, leading to a set of changes to the surface layers of the skin. Thus, there are large and small lines.

Impact on the environment and other bad habits (smoking, alcohol) can also not be discounted. Also, in the layers of the skin there are muscles. They are, of course, it is not compatible with that of the muscles of the hands or the feet, for instance), but the status of this group it affects the skin. Thanks to the collagen produced by the cells, it builds the framework for the muscles, which can permeate from the inside out. For this reason, it is difficult to answer the question: "How can I remove wrinkles on my face?", without a consideration of the major reasons:

Wrinkles are a result of a variety of imitation of life. Such as wrinkling of the brow, squint the eye (most often the sun), one kind of the ways you can laugh at it - for example, some people have a tendency to a sharp reduction of all facial muscles when you laugh. When to adapt in a timely manner to mimic the habits you can soften or remove wrinkles in the face.

The position of the head during sleep, also contributes to the premature appearance of wrinkles. For example, in the neck, and a chin - up, the higher the position of your head on the pillow, leaning on his chest at bedtime. Thus, it is possible to remove some of the wrinkles in the face, and applying it to the correct position while you sleep.

The strong reduction in the weight of the body contributes to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles t. racestanuvrata the skin is not able to get into shape and start ontvisatü, ponparaрывandIwithü lines. Therefore, in order to ask the question, "How to remove wrinkles on my face?", enough expertise and weight loss.

A number of the migrated to the diseases in the category of infectious diseases, chronic diseases, disorders of the nervous system and the endocrine systems, women's groups, the gastro-intestinal, contribute to the weakening of the strength of the body, the decrease in the elasticity of the skin, which leads to the surface.

The factors for the natural onset of wrinkles, it is the long exposure to the sun, the wind, variations in temperature, excessive dryness, and moisture in the air. Sultry and smoky, small cause you to second-hand smoke, which is reflected in the skin.

The abuse of a decorative make-up. An excess of the feces, and patients a person is going to ruin any type of skin, even a good one. T. both of these procedures are, for example, can lead to drying of the skin and, consequently, to the formation of wrinkles.

The age factor in the appearance of wrinkles. The Natural age group, the withering of the skin, it begins in the third a dozen or so of life. In the range of between 30 and 40 years, a figure that is growing steadily, and that its maximum occurs at 55 to 60 years of age. The loss of density and elasticity of the skin in old age leads to thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, to the renaissance, and the destruction of the elastic fibers, which, in addition, it keeps your racestIgthe Commissariat and onpusparacausing. The next time it's a bump in the withparahavelonвых bones, and a clear identification of nasolabial wrinkles, an increase in the volume of the chin, the neck and the back of his neck.

the appearance of wrinkles on the face in the mask

How to remove wrinkles on the face, unlike the media

The main cosmetic care that is appropriate to the supplementary means of popular medicine, which you can use to remove facial wrinkles at home. Be careful of the skin you should get started as soon as possible, thus retaining its freshness and youth, and over a long period of time.

Of course, the tools are not the subject of the complete destruction of the lines. To recover the cellular structure, that can bring the nutrients and the oxidation processes, which can pull on the skin it can help. Also, the regular and timely use of the help to smooth and reduce expression lines, creases in it. Disposable procedure, which is, of course, it's useless.

Natural oil of peach kernel, olive, sesame, apricot, almond, linseed, and t. p. refers to the natural anti-aliasing tools. Periodically, punchte with the tips of my fingers, it's a tool in the course of fifteen minutes on the skin. This will help you to remove facial wrinkles at home. A tissue to dry the remains of the oil. Also, this oil is great for poultices and face masks.

The juice from the carrots, creamy from the milk and pulp of the grape are taken from the 1. h. l., mix, and give in to the problem areas. After twenty minutes, rinse with water, boil the water, warm, then wipe the skin, cold data. The sour cream and the pulp of the grape, you can substitute the cheese and sour cream.

The most revenue-effective on the flesh of a quarter of a grapefruit, mix it with a teaspoons of juice of carrot, sour cream, and shredded in a mill for rice. Mix together and apply on problem areas. After thirty minutes, wash, rinse, and then wipe the skin of the face, the juice of a grapefruit.

Прonteрthaveю cooked in the beans, connect with the flesh of a well-ripe banana, added a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then, apply it on the problem areas. After thirty minutes, and then remove it with water. We recommend to repeat 2 times a week. With this mask, you can remove the fine lines on the face, in the home, and to improve its color, within a period of one month.

You can also remove the fine lines on the face at home-more precisely, in the eyes, and with the help of add in the of your night cream a couple of drops of castor oil. We have applied for a total of 2 times per week.

Gently warm a tablespoon of maparaaem in the olive oil, and then the convex face and gently massage in to the skin of the face. Especially, we pay attention to troublesome areas, along the lines of the lower stretch of the skin is in the center of the forehead, the cheeks, the wings of the nose to the corners of the eyes, in the center of the chin to the ears. For the duration of at least 15 minutes. After ppotupaem of the skin, extraction of peppermint tea or sage. Therefore, it can effectively remove fine lines on the face at home.

If you get rid of wrinkles on my forehead, indeed, help you with the following mask:

  • pandрandфandнonвandI;
  • pandрandфandнon-butyric acid (7 g, withpeрмandцetand - 3, coconut oil - 10 g, oil-peach - 10-g.);
  • spermaceti (Spermaceti - 6 g of the wax (6), lanolin - 30 grams glycerine - 10 ml., vitamin A - 3, a castor oil - 70ml, apricot oil - 40 ml.);
  • wax (beeswax, paraffin, and lanolin, in equal numbers).

Ingredients racestandplandвandeм in the water. Смandhandвandeм a bandage or piece of gauze, pre-folded in several layers, which is obtained from the mixture. Press lightly and add to the top of his forehead. When the mask is completely hardened, to the care of windows, and wash the face with warm water. In order to effectively clean up the appearance of wrinkles on the face, in the house, and that is performing this procedure is no more than 2 times a week.

the wax mask

To remove facial wrinkles at home by using a mask on the wax, and prepare them in the following way. By heating 50 g of a paraffin wax, up to 50 degrees, using the baths of the water, adding a tablespoon of butter and the same quantity of beeswax. Carefully peрeмeшandвandeм with a wooden spoon. Add a tablespoon or so of olive oil and half a tablespoon of oil, from the grape to the bone, with a little bit of gray, plenty of oleamos his face. Of course, in advance of his family. Applied on top of the oil with the help of special cards of several layers of molten paraffin to the mix. Then, to add to the top of plastic wrap and a towel. After a 15-minute video, ppotupaem tonic to the skin, and oleamos moisturizer. In order to effectively clean the facial wrinkles in the home, through the therapy for the wax, it should be up to 2 times per week in order to carry out this procedure in 10 to 12 sessions.

To smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead, it can be a mixture of two tablespoon of any natural plant oil, with the yolk of an egg, and a tablespoon of ground bran cereal. Take on the test, and after 15 minutes, machine washable in warm water.

To effectively clean the facial wrinkles in the home will also help the mask to the next. To put it in a plastic bag, and a couple of tablespoons of sour cream, a tablespoon or so of brewer's yeast, and potatoes (a tuber). All of this will add to the forehead in the shape of the pad, and hold for 20 minutes.

It is a very effective poison from the bee to the correct facial wrinkles. It soothes the skin, enhances the blood circulation in the tissues of the skin of the face and neck, which helps to effectively remove facial wrinkles at home. It also gives your skin a creamy, and feeds on the moisture and improves the color of your face. On the other hand, it has the indications and contra-indications, so we just dosed up the number that is in the form of dosage forms. For ointments, the base started out in poison, there is a limitation to using no more than 1 time during the day, and, best of all, before you go to bed.

How to quickly remove wrinkles on the face of the modern methods: the reliability, health, safety and security

In addition to the estimation, the methods of dealing with the mumuhecparaumu fine lines and wrinkles, there are those professional services provided in beauty salons. So, the question is, "How do you remove deep wrinkles" I'm sure that you can set up as a beauty salon, and that is to carefully examine the condition of Your skin, and pick all of the procedures that are required. This is the approach that the professionals at the beauty salon "Veronika Herba". Soon, we will look at the procedures, of facial rejuvenation. Please Note in advance that such a procedure will give you an excellent income for the next few years, in an integrated way.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Фрandparaцandonннone the impact of the laser beam on the skin of the human being is the basis of this method. In the process of the work takes place in the a division of the laser flux at different tonнhandйшande the rays which act on micro-patches of the skin. These areas are located in a depth pre-determined. The rays, vapor them, to stimulate the active work, without damage to the cells, they are beginning to produce new collagen and elastin. So, you can not only clean up the appearance of wrinkles in the face, but also to enhance the color of your skin, remove bags under the eyes and tighten the face oval. The rehabilitation period is minimal. This is a great add-on after the plastic surgery or laser skin resurfacing.


Using this method, you may wish to remove the appearance of wrinkles on the face, and improve its color. The essence of this method is the introduction of a special hyaluronic acid with the help of a unique technology on certain layers of the skin. Once they occur the treatments of mesotherapy and biorevitalizatsiya. However, in addition to these invasive techniques, non-invasive, is gandandlhaveрonнonplandwithtandparaand a person, as an example of a hardware technique. Often, it gives you more of a result of the injection, because in the process of performing the procedure without the fear of the client prior to the needle. In addition to this, there is no trace after the bite, the skin is shining.

Botox against facial wrinkles

In this protein, the drug of the office of a plastic surgeon to have changed with the success of the salon. With it, you can remove the appearance of wrinkles on the face, such as the surface, so deep and expression lines. But there's one more thing: for the nasolabial folds, and wrinkles in the chin and he мandlonэффeparatandвeн. This is due to the fact that the botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of nerve impulses within the muscle fibres, and this time, relaxing.

botox for the face

Too expensive to combine with the acid, and, therefore, you may wish to remove deep wrinkles on the face. The effect is maintained for up to six months. This type of procedure, it is better to trust in the beauty salon and the qualification of the physician, who may pick up medical cosmetics when a small mimic wrinkles.


This will help to renew the volume of hyaluronic acid to restore the natural processes of internal regeneration of the skin. Even a session that gives you to improve the appearance of your skin, and the rate of exchange that can remove the appearance of wrinkles on the face and restore it to the centre of the view.

The method is based on a lie, microinjection and the introduction of certain other medicines that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Due to a large number of components in the treated area, the creation of the storage that is needed for the skin to be absorbed into the blood over a long period of time – up to 14 days, which marks the beginning of the natural healing process of the skin.


Thanks, biorevitalisation, you can remove the wrinkles on your face in a secure manner through the injection of hyaluronic acid. This improvement in the condition of the skin on the face and other parts of the body. For example, in the area of the neck, the arms, and the t. d. Biorevitalizatsiya hyaluronic acid, making skin soft and elastic restores the natural colour.


The procedure is based on the introduction of a particular drug which you may wish to remove deep wrinkles on the face. This was achieved thanks to the rejuvenation and recovery from the disease of the skin covering, from the inside, by means of injection molding, and therefore, a different name, this is a andнъeparaцandonннandI redermalization.

In practice, it is a well-known effectiveness and the least side effects, due to the fact that he has received a wide application in the modern aesthetic medicine. You can also remove the appearance of wrinkles on the face, in a safe manner. This is related to the content of the drug is well-known hyaluronic acid and succinate, the sodium – derivative of the amber acid, which enters the Krebs cycle. They facilitate the exchange of substances and enhance the cloth-of-breath, and gandзononбмeн, and also result in the formation of energy. They are a natural anti-oxidant.