How to look 10 years younger: the fitness of the facial against wrinkles

The fitness facial is a special exercises, which will help to keep the facial muscles in good shape. The creator of such a load is considered to be a plastic surgeon from Germany – Reinhold Benz. And he continued his work, an american Carol Maggio, that it arose from a particular "aerobics for the face. Every day take 20 to 25 minutes for this exercise, so you might want to prevent aging, get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles in the the second-lowest in the jaw. It is believed that the efficiency of this type of gymnastics, you can replace it with the popular procedure in plastic surgery transformation. Also, there is no need for botox and other surgical procedures. Another advantage of fitness classes, facial you can to organize in your home.

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Doing a facial at home – 5 rules for

Before you start to train the muscles of the face, it is necessary to learn the five golden rules of exercises for the face. Without them, it will be difficult to achieve the desired result.

The perfect age to start practicing in the next 25 years. After 30 years in the gym should be a required part of the facial. Fitness to practise on a daily basis. The best way to do this in the morning. In the gym, and the leading role it plays in the regular and efficient technique. Prior to the start of the class, select a course from a famous coach, and for the constant follow the rules. Don't need to, since the first few days of giving a booster of a load on the muscles of the face. It is best to make a gradual transition from the lower to the higher volume of exercise. The fitness of the facial should be done with clean hands. The skin before you start your workout, you should be clear in the soft ground, and the root.

The purpose of the training, it will not be noticeable after the first day of class. The contours of the face, take 15 to 20 days of exercise on a daily basis. The wrinkles will start to disappear, being not less than 2 to 3 months. So, a person has a beautiful color and a healthy glow and your cheeks will become firmer.

The beginning of gymnastics for the facial against wrinkles, or the Like 50 and look 35, before and after photos

A long time ago, proven a powerful effect of anti-aging, which gives the front of the gym. It was designed with a lot of the anti-age techniques. This aging project is done in stages. The different parts of the face, and gradually warm it up, and you are in the mood.

  1. For-ever. Pointing fingers in the series, in the area of the eyebrows. The big ones are placed near the outer edge of the eye. As it turns out, the circle in the form of points. You always have to hard-close it. Then, the pointing of the finger, between the eyebrows rise toward the top. Large are also moved to the top, but in the direction of the ears. In the exercise, you need to do this for about 40 seconds. As a result, disappear in the swollen area to the area of the eyes, the tone of the upper and lower part of the century, it increases, the skin is rejuvenated, you are taken out for signs of tiredness in the eyes.
  2. On the top of his forehead. The thumbs are set out below the cheekbones. On the other, the fingers of the palm are positioned above the upper curve of the brow. The kit you need to lift, and the fingers hang down and form a resistance to it. In this state, it is set to 30 seconds, and then the muscles of his face relax. As a result, prevention is very effective against the wrinkles on his forehead disappear and the transverse wrinkle between the eyebrows, and the length increases, to solve the problem with the raft above the upper eyelids.
  3. Lower lids. The pointing of the finger is placed on the bottom, over the centuries, it has, at least, the line of the lashes. Then, you need to look at the time, and lift up your look to the max, to the top. In the face of a stretch-forward, and pull your shoulders back. You should get a resistance to it. To hold the position for 30 seconds. The result: little by little, disappear under-eye circles, and bags under the eyes.
  4. Her cheeks. The pointing finger, press on the protruding part of the face in the center. The lips are closely Packed to the teeth. Now you need to picture the interjection "Yuck!" — this is exactly what we're talking about, when they say the unkind things. You have to smile, but it is only in the central part of the lips, being careful not to mix. Your fingers should feel the movement of her cheeks. Do the same thing 20 times. The result is a band, and reinforced in the face.
  5. The-nose. The nose must hit it with the index finger and the thumb. With the index finger of the second hand, the tip of the nose to the top of it. The upper lip and to pull down, and to keep the tension for a few seconds. To exercise your nose about 40 times. As a result, the nose continues to be in good shape, it does not increase as a result of the aging process (the one that your nose grows throughout your entire life, there's a lot of time is a proven fact).
  6. The corners of his lips. With her lips tightly bite, the corners pull in. Fingers are indicators that you need to massage it into the skin, up and down, keeping them out of the corner of his lips. To massage for 40 seconds. After that, almost no opening to a closing of the lips, and exhale the air out and relax your muscles. The result is One of the signs of the age, the corners of his lips, a sad face-down. This deficiency is easy to prevent and treat, by doing this simple exercise.
  7. The volume of the lips. Forefingers push the outer edge to the inner edge. With your fingers to set "type" to the lip in the center and a table to flatten them to the sides. The result: your lips have become robust, elastic and supple, without the use of special enchedor.
  8. Nasolabial fold. Their lips come into contact as close as possible to the gums, and the opening is in the form of the oval, or elongated in the letter "o". The pointing finger to follow the corners of his lips. Then, his fingers moving upward until the wings of the nose, and down in the z-order. In the framework of the movement of the nasolabial folds folds. Results: elimination of deep wrinkles between the nose and the upper lip.
  9. The shape of the face. You open your mouth, the top and bottom of the board pressed firmly to the teeth and wrapped up in. In this position, you will need up to five times more slowly in the open, and just before he closed his jaw. Then, keep your mouth closed, raise a little bit of the chin to the top of it. The freeze for a few seconds in this position and relax the muscles. The result: sharp edges, and the oval of the face, the jaw line, eliminating the appearance of a double chin.
  10. The neck and the chin. A helping hand to put it on the back of the neck, and a little bit of a firmness, the other leaning on the wall. You lift your head up and a smile on his face. After that, the tongue stretch out the tip of your nose, and push away from the wall. Repeat the movement 30 times, while maintaining all of the modifications to the position. Do this exercise for more than 30 times, turning his head to the left and 30 times to the right. Results: the improvement in the contour of the chin, lower jaw, pull back on the neck, and disappeared under the chin. Photo's of before and after that you can persuade even the most inveterate of the "skeptics", that is, the fitness of the facial is not a waste of your time and efficient, and the rejuvenation of a load to the face.
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In the gym facial, Anastasia B, 13 exercises against wrinkles

All of these techniques and provides training Anastasia B. She called for a lecture on "Super-man". It includes the following 13 years. By the time that they take up only 8 minutes, twice a day. At the end of the 16th minute, which will make your face young, beautiful and in good shape.

After 2 to 3 months is the most effective for the skin rejuvenation, the technique of the boon is obvious, and, more precisely, on your face. The wrinkles will start to fade, the skin of the face and neck area is smooth, without any folds, the contours of the face catching. The eyes, the lips, the line of her cheekbones becoming more and more visible, fade the signs of rosacea. A video of a Tiny – detailed instructions on how to do this properly, the anti-age fitness of the facial.

The techniques of gymnastics for the face long enough. They developed the well-known coaches, and they are the most successful of all of the people who want to maintain the youth and freshness of your skin. It's so easy 20-minute exercise for your face without botox.