How to remove wrinkles in the forehead

The forehead wrinkles can appear even in young women. This is due to genetics, and is active in the movements of the face, and the lack of care. There are a number of options to address this issue, such as in beauty parlours and at home.

how to clean the creases between the eyebrows.

Causes of

The crease in between the eyebrows is a vertical and horizontal direction. Longitudinal grooves occur, due to the frequent expressions of dissatisfaction or anger. Then the cross will appear when you wonder. The latter is less common.

In the initial stages, they may become apparent only when the asset's movement. If the cover is perceptible in the static state, to get rid of it and it will be all the more difficult.

After more than 25 years, girls', and the production of collagen decreases and the firmness with no the suitable care, it makes you dehydrated, which will result in the first place, "crow's feet".

The grounds can take the place of frequent smoking, lying under the blazing sun, without the protection of a cream with the stress, lifestyle, poor diet and lack of vitamins.

The Total dry also implies that, in the previous versions of the optimum for this type of skin needs more care.
Your continued use of low-quality cosmetics for the care and application of make-up also brings with it some consequences.


You can fix the problem for a couple of sessions with you to the beautician. But you need to address in a responsible way for the settlement of the question. Get an expert on your business, not to get the item price or shipping. Otherwise, it can result in dire consequences.

Hyaluronic acid

The hyaluronic acid in its natural form it is present in all human tissues. As you age, your concentration diminishes and the person begins to give up. In the halls of the procedure is the injection of hyaluronic acid, at the height of its popularity.

At the moment, it's the safest way to fill with a volume of approx. Under such a procedure, the necessity of a repetition of the one-to-two times per year.

Introduced to the drug evenly, smoothes out the grooves to retain the moisture in the interior of the cell. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

forehead wrinkles botox


Botox does not fill wrinkles such as acid, and just relax with them. Injection of botulinum toxin more often than once a year, it is contra-indicated. Also, in the hands of a professional, the injection is virtually painless and is safe for your health. After 9 months on the drug alone, it is excreted from the body. The client is free of toxin, botox®, and therefore, the procedure must be repeated.

Botox, it's forbidden to enter the pw when the individual is intolerant to the drug, the damage to the skin's complexion and diseases of the skin at the insertion site.
The effects can take place on the following day, as the bloating, omissions, or the eyebrows, in the stillness of some of the muscles.


In the event of an impact on the cells of a flash of light of a given length and frequency. Photorejuvenation can remove skin pigmentation, acne, normalize the production of sebum. In the light of the flash heating of the cell, and contribute to the formulation of new collagen in the deep layer of the dermis.


Vitamin injections — the procedure is quite painful, but it's true. After the course, the passing of the acne, the inflammation of the skin, makes it soft and silky. After the 5 steps, you may steer clear of a couple of years.

The production of collagen, strengthens the natural protection of the skin and prevents inflammation.
The shots can then be applied to the entire face, and it is in a certain area.

Remove forehead creases into a house

The animals of the procedure as a preventative, and it's a great way to deal with the wrinkles in between the eyebrows. Don't miss out on the tourist to take care of your face. For example, the mask is an excellent prevention of wrinkles and the filling of the cells and the elements that are required.

The yeast mask

This mask can be used to actively involved after more than 25 years of age, the skin slowly begins to lose its natural and the young, and that she's going to need help. In addition to preventing aging, this mask protects your skin from the ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
The yeast is a good idea to take a beer or a briquette. The dry yeast are not going well.

methods for the estimation

To Steam the face, and don't leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes. When you encounter a strong unpleasant sensations, rinse the mask.

Recipe preparation: dissolve the yeast in warm milk, until the status of thick cream, which will be convenient for you to use in your skin. Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes.
Not necessarily, when you have completed the procedure carefully, then apply a nourishing cream, and easy-to-do self-massage.

The mask with oil of the olive.

The oil is used in cosmetics because it is a gold mine of vitamins. It is important to make the cold pressed oil in a glass bottle is dark, so that they are saved of all the properties that are useful.

Mix 15 ml of the olive oil with a couple drops of vitamin E (which can also be purchased at any pharmacy). Apply an even coat, hold for 10-15 minutes.

The mask of lemon

You will need olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. Mix the lemon juice with the oil, in a ratio of 1:1. The mask is in use for at least 10 minutes.


Masks from oils to tone and nourish the skin. Add in the creams, shampoos and tonics. It is worth mentioning that, in the natural, the essential oil may not cost you a cheap one, it is necessary to be aware of this, and I got it from the trusted vendors.

Also, the essential oils are forbidden to be applied in its pure form. Your need to dilute the base.

The recipe of the mask, when deep wrinkles

To 10 ml of the oil of wheat germ, avocado, jojoba. Add to it 2-3 drops of the essential oils of rose and sandalwood. For the best effect of mixing and pre-heating the water in the shower.
In the course of the application of a mask, for two weeks. Use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Do people leave it on for about 30 minutes, and the excess of wet, in a towel.

mask anti-wrinkle

Cream, homemade oil

You will need about a tablespoon of butter, teaspoon of virgin olive oil and beeswax, and one tablespoon of mint to the water.

The wax is melted in a bain-marie and pour in it the remaining ingredients. The cream is stored in a one-week high sterilizing capacity, in the refrigerator. Use it during the night.

The adhesive

The adhesive of the wrinkles that does work is very simple. It is attached to the problematic area, in this case, in between the eyebrows. And it is set there for quite some time.

For the use of their facial expressions and with this the adhesive will not come off and eventually the muscles will relax, and remained in their natural position. The regular application of such an adhesive helps to develop the habit, and his phrases that it will not harm the beauty.

This method is very simple and does not have any effect. You can see the results after 3 procedures, and fine wrinkles smoothed, after the first one.

The wax

The wax has no magical properties, it is often used in the preparation of the hand for a manicure. The skin becomes soft and velvety. The same is true of the skin on the face. You can buy paraffin wax at a dispensary or a dealer. Heat on a steam bath, it is important to understand that the temperature is acceptable. If not, you can get burned.

The mask of paraffin wax

You will need about 20 grams of wax, two tablespoons of sunflower oil and a pinch of dry ginger powder. The wax is paraffin wax and pre-heat the oven, or in a bath of warm water and mix it in with the rest of the ingredients. Apply an even layer of it to dry out completely. In general, the process takes about 25 to 30 minutes.

Exercise for the face

Very effective method, which allows, without any intervention on the part of, to restore and maintain the elasticity of the skin and complexion. After all, in the face of the same muscle and the entire body, so why is it that we don't train them, and we are looking forward to when I need an injection?


By bending the fingers and knuckles to stop from the forehead up to the hair. From the forehead to the apples of your cheeks. Repeat this exercise in a circular motion for 3 to 4 times.
Area the apples of your cheeks will also need to work on. Moving on from the face to the apples of your cheeks and repeat 3 or 4 times, as if passing on the apples of your cheeks.

Exercises for tightening of the forehead and

Place the ring finger and the little finger on the left eyebrow. And the index and middle over the forehead, and so you're going to prevent the movement of the face. Try to raise your eyebrows, you move them all together. You really feel the tension. Through it, you have to train all the muscles of the face to make the forehead wrinkle.

The exercises for the forehead creases

Place the pointer fingers on the eyebrow, slightly pushing. Now, raise and lower the eyebrows. Due to the strength of the fingers, the muscles are going to train you.

The measures for the prevention

exercises for the face

Prevention-you can talk about all of the animals and the techniques to combat the appearance of wrinkles. The mask, the massage, the oil, the coffee. It also plays an important role in a proper diet, and the regimen of a drink. The lack of vitamins and moisture to the skin, it is not enough to compensate for the lack of collagen, the same in accordance with any of the following.

How to prevent it:

  • The type of massage;
  • The mask;
  • The intake of adequate drinking water;
  • With the proper nutrition;
  • The 3 stages of skin care: cleansing, nutrition, and hydration;
  • The quality of the cosmetic treatment of the skin;
  • The mode of the day, sleep is not the least 7 to 8 hours.
  • In the absence of stress and more smiles to the faces;
  • The range of facial expressions;
  • Don't forget to apply the cream not only on your face but on the hand, the area of the neck, and the neck.
  • The bark is a powerful tool in the fight against aging and skin problems.
  • The selection of cosmetics for the skin type and age
  • And, more importantly, to be happy, harmonious and a woman.