Fractional laser skin rejuvenation

To shed a decade and look more attractive, you do not need the help of a plastic surgeon. Fractional laser facial skin rejuvenation is an innovative solution, with the help of your skin rejuvenating, rejuvenating itself and re-shining with a healthy glow!

The procedure is non-invasive, that is, it is done without injections - it is completely painless and safe. With the help of Fraxel lasers, cosmetologists remove skin imperfections such as pigmentation, tighten it, restore it to a fresh face, elasticity and even texture - the face becomes as smooth as porcelain!

Benefits of the procedure

Thanks to the ability to adjust the strength of the laser beam, it may affect the deep layers of the skin, which gives really surprising results in the treatment of skin diseases (wounds and scars, stretch marks and strong pigmentation). The following factors are also considered as advantages of fractional laser skin rejuvenation:

  • is likely to perform procedures on any area of the face, including the eyelid area and the most delicate peri-labial area;
  • does not need to penetrate the skin, which is typical for invasive injection surgery, - in this way the integrity of the skin is not shattered and the patient does not experience a painful sensation;
  • This procedure is effective for patients of all ages, due to the penetration of deep laser beams into all layers of the skin epithelium;
  • safety - again, because the procedure is non-invasive, there is no risk of damaging the skin.

Also, let’s find out the effectiveness of rejuvenation: your face becomes cleaner, smoother and looks more even in the few days after the first procedure!

What can be removed with a Fraxel laser?

what skin imperfections can be removed by using a fractional laser

This service can be used by customers who want to:

  • to tighten skin pores;
  • to rejuvenate skin structure and tighten facial contours;
  • to tighten the skin and get healthy skin;
  • to destroy acne scars, scars left after injury or surgery;
  • removes melasma, age spots;
  • smoothes wrinkles.

How does the procedure work?

First, the cosmetologist cleans the entire surface of the face with a light exfoliation, after which a soothing ointment with anesthetic effect is applied to the skin. After an hour, the ointment is cleansed and the face is covered with a layer of oily cream, which guarantees an unobstructed laser release. After skin treatment with Fraxel laser, a soothing cream is applied again to the skin.

A fractional laser facial rejuvenation session takes about half an hour. The number of subsequent visits is made while discussing with the doctor the problems that the patient needs to solve, depending on the complexity, skin type and personal feelings of their clients. On average, these are about four procedures performed with a three-week break. Sometimes, after laser treatment on the skin, it may turn a little red, but then it becomes bronze, brown and elastic in appearance.

How do you treat your face after rejuvenation?

For effective skin healing and consolidation of anti-aging effects, doctors recommend following the following rules:

  1. do not be in direct sunlight;
  2. use sunscreen with a high level of UV protection for the next three months;
  3. frequently apply a doctor-prescribed cream to the treated area;
  4. skip the scrub and take herpes antiviral medication for a week.