Cosmetology hardware for facial rejuvenation

Everyone wants to maintain a youthful and attractive appearance for as long as possible. And we are lucky because we live in a time when it is possible and quite accessible to almost everyone. Facial skin hardware rejuvenation can be done even in small towns. Of course, in a serious clinic, the options are much wider. But basic treatments are offered everywhere these days and at very affordable prices.

Advantages and disadvantages

tools for facial skin rejuvenation

Hardware techniques are most effective at a time when it seems too early to sleep under a scalpel, and regular skin care can no longer cope with the natural aging process. The best period for such a procedure is from 30-35 to 50-55 years. Although some (e. g. , darsonvalization and microcurrent lifting) can be performed over 60

Thanks to high -tech equipment, today you can obtain results that are quite comparable to facelift surgery. But at the same time, they provide a number of other advantages:

  • performed without anesthesia and practically painless;
  • affects the inner layer of the epidermis;
  • stimulates natural tissue regeneration;
  • does not require long -term rehabilitation;
  • do not damage the skin and do not leave scars and scars;
  • allows you to solve multiple problems at the same time;
  • in accordance with other types of rejuvenation.

Their main disadvantage is the inability to tighten overly sagging, fluffy skin and remove very deep wrinkles. There are many contraindications to some procedures.


You can start the hardware procedure when the first signs of skin become increasingly clear: the skin has changed, fine wrinkles have erupted, the ovals have begun to swell, the second chin has appeared, the corners of the eyes and / or lips are slightly dropped. This will slow the aging process and delay the need for more radical intervention for several years.

what problems are solved by hardware cosmetology

The signs that it is time to go to a beauty appointment and choose the most effective hardware rejuvenation method for the face are:

  • loss of muscle tone and oval swelling of the face;
  • softness of the neck skin and the presence of a double chin;
  • drooping upper eyelids and eyebrows too high;
  • deep nasolabial folds and depressing lip facial expressions;
  • the appearance of vertical folds on the cheeks;
  • bruises, swelling and bags under the eyes;
  • crow's feet and glabellar wrinkles;
  • dark color or severe pigmentation.

But a properly chosen method of exposure to the skin can solve not only this problem. There are procedures that help: get rid of rosacea, fight acne, shrink pores and normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

That is why it is very important not to insist on yourself or act on the recommendations of a friend, but to listen to the opinion of experts.

Type of procedure

types of hardware procedures for skin rejuvenation

All hardware procedures for facial rejuvenation can be roughly divided into two major groups: therapeutic and aesthetic. The first has an effect not only on appearance, but can also improve the condition of the skin, making it possible to solve certain problems with it. But even after a method that is considered purely aesthetic, a similar effect is often observed, which is somewhat less obvious.


In medical device cosmetology, skin rejuvenation is considered a pleasant bonus and not a major task. Therefore, one can not expect from them a strong lifting effect and "elimination" for 10 years. But owners of problem skin know that after solving an underlying problem, they always look younger and much better. And most importantly, they feel confident.

  1. Darsonvalisation.Irritation of the upper layer of the epidermis with weak electrical currents of high frequency. Stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation, dilates capillaries, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. It is used to treat acne, improve skin, remove superficial wrinkles. There is no recovery period. The procedure is safe, painless and very affordable.
  2. Cryotherapy.Large temperature differences are used to stimulate intracellular activity. Problem areas are treated with liquid nitrogen, because: the skin improves, skin relief is smoothed, natural growth is accelerated, pathogenic microorganisms die. With the help of acne, dermatitis and some other skin diseases can be treated.
  3. Vacuum cleaning.Very helpful in dealing with acne (no pus! ) And oily enlarged pores. It combines well with other types of therapy (e. g. , darsonval, microcurrents or photorejuvenation), narrows pores, promotes skin detoxification, eliminates skin relief, and speeds up metabolic processes. Contraindications are minimal, according to the doctor, it is performed even in the short stage of pregnancy.
  4. treatment procedures for skin rejuvenation
  5. Microdermabrasion.Mechanical "removal" of the upper layer of the epidermis, which stimulates cell renewal. It is produced with a metal tube finished with a diamond -plated head. It helps remove scars and acne scars, superficial pigmentation, removes skin relief, smoothes fine wrinkles and reduces deep.
  6. Photo rejuvenation.Modern and highly effective technology that works with the skin on a deep level. It removes pigmentation well, thanks to its strong antibacterial effect, it successfully fights acne. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin. It has a number of contraindications, but otherwise it rarely causes negative consequences or complications.

It is good that techniques like this, according to beauticians, are combined with intensive home treatments: massages, masks, exfoliations, creams and medicated ointments. This allows you to increase the results of the effect and solve all skin problems quickly.


Aesthetic cosmetology is more concerned with making the skin visually flawless. And the more often he succeeds if the device is in the hands of a qualified and experienced specialist.

The following types of procedures are most commonly used:

aesthetic skin rejuvenation procedures
  1. The laser reappeared. Technology that allows you to "evaporate" dead cells with the help of precisely directed laser beams with force that is safe for a person. Instead, the newly formed and, in fact, the patient’s facial skin is completely replaced. But deep exfoliation is done on the sore spot. With less intense exposure, the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and a long recovery period is not required. But the result is much simpler.
  2. Radio frequency stripping.Its principle of action is similar to that of a reappearing laser with the only difference that the cells are "knocked out" on the skin with high-frequency ultrasound. At the same time, it is heated deeply, as the existing collagen fibers are reduced. The effect can be seen on the second day after the procedure and only increases in 1-2 months. The results last, depending on the stage of skin development, from a few months to 5 years.
  3. Micro stimuli.It practically does not work with the relief and appearance of the skin, but trains the muscles perfectly, not letting them sag. Micro flows the penetration of nutrients into the skin more deeply, therefore, before the procedure, special gels with vitamins, collagen and elastin are often applied to it. It is used to prevent premature aging and eliminate muscle sagging. Combines well with other hardware and injection techniques.

Cosmetology hardware for facial rejuvenation is not used for at least six months after the installation of mesothreads or any type of surgical facelift!


The effect of modern tools on the skin is very strong. But without this, tangible results cannot be achieved. Therefore, there are a number of contraindications to them. Common to all are:

contraindications to the use of tools for skin rejuvenation
  • diseases and violations of the integrity of the skin in the work area;
  • active viruses and systemic infections in the body;
  • oncological and autoimmune diseases;
  • cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • severe forms of hypertension and diabetes mellitus;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of metal implants in the head;
  • fitted pacemakers;
  • periods of pregnancy and lactation.

However, some procedures require additional restrictions. So, light rejuvenation is not done on dark or tanned skin. Before all kinds of deep exfoliation, you should not sunbathe and drink alcohol.

The doctor tells about all the complexities of each procedure at the initial consultation.

Reviews and results

It is impossible to say which hardware facial rejuvenation technique is the most useful and effective. The type of effect on the skin should be chosen strictly individually, depending on its condition and what problems need to be solved. At the same time, you should not get too carried away with such a procedure. They are made in course, with intervals ranging from 6-12 months to several years (after deep polishing).

hardware skin rejuvenation results

To enhance the effect and prolong the results, hardware cosmetology is often combined with beauty injections or fillers. This makes it possible in some cases to rejuvenate the client for 10-15 years. Especially if quality and orderly home skin care is provided.

And even today there is no need to go to a beauty salon for a hardware procedure! You can buy the necessary tools and do the rejuvenation yourself. But here it is very important not to overdo it and follow all instructions exactly.

When buying, ask the seller for a certificate of quality and better buy equipment in a specialty store - there are many fakes on the market!

hardware cosmetology for facial rejuvenation before and after photos