How to clear wrinkles under the eyes: all the modern methods of

Below are described all the modern means of cosmetics before hardware, with which you can remove wrinkles under the eyes. Methods enough that any woman can choose care according to their needs.

how to remove wrinkles under the eyes

To start, we'll try to answer exciting for many the question: "is it Possible to reduce wrinkles under the eyes?"

To remove such deficiencies really easy wrinkles, because the mechanism of occurrence is quite different. The wrinkles appear because of muscle contraction. Delete the emotions, not frown brow, it does not reduce the eyes and the skin baby-soft and smooth. Of age, even the wrinkles is organic, changes in the skin, the breakdown of collagen fibers and elastin. Another issue that wrinkles of expression with the time "fixed". The skin gradually loses its capacity for recovery, and "break" in the areas of greatest tension. So that any creases on the skin which appear due to the active facial expressions, must be taken as a prediction for the future, and, therefore, must begin to act. For the correction of wrinkles, you can use any of the following methods.

How to clear wrinkles under the eyes: the folk remedies

The most popular animals of the procedure is of masks and compresses. Recipes – great variety, among them, it is possible to find the their, those that are suitable exclusively to your skin. The most effective ingredients for anti-wrinkles, that you can include at home a mask, is the honey, egg yolk, oil (olive oil, to damascus) and the aloe juice. All of them, in fact, represent the natural cocktail of vitamins and active nutrients that nourish the skin, make it more dense. Powerful natural antioxidant is spinach, cinnamon stimulates the blood circulation, non-fatty vegetables and fruits (bananas, peaches, cucumber) – is well moisturize and the parsley and raw potato provide a good lymphatic drainage and reduces dark circles around the eyes. Home remedies can be very effective, the most important thing is not to get too lazy to do the procedure regularly, not to save time in the preparation of masks, which, of course, is not suitable for all women today.

How to clear wrinkles under eyes with makeup

It must be understood that to remove wrinkles (or reduce existing) with makeup is very difficult. More chance of success than someone who has the goal of warning of such changes and begins to take care of your skin was not more than 21 years. And behold, the supply of professionals:

  1. Creams, serum, gels. Despite all of these cosmetics are different of texture, their main task is the same: they play the main role to take care of the skin around the eyelids. Its effectiveness depends on what they contain active substances and, therefore, when choosing a cream the most important – read the composition, and not advertisements or manufacturer's description. The components that deal with wrinkles, it is: hyaluronic acid, micro collagen, retinol, vitamin a, e And c, natural analog of botox, which "freezes" the increase of the epidermis.
  2. The mask. The manufacturers, it is not so often, offer a mask for the skin around your eyes (after all, it is the prerogative of the home where you can be quick to prepare and use). However, in the sections of professional makeup, you can find and with this product, it is very not cheap.
  3. Gel to blemishes of the skin around the eyes – they moisturize, relax, tone, make the skin more firm and elastic, and, although they do not contribute to the solution already existing, deep wrinkles, highly effective way to alert you to the emergence of new, and in a single session, able to smooth small expression lines, wrinkle.
  4. Lotions, tonics, and milk. They are usually designed for the removal of makeup, but considering that the creams should be applied only in well prepared and clean skin, you can apply them to the preparation of a century the most of cosmetic procedures.
how to remove wrinkles with exercise

How to clear wrinkles under the eyes? Exercises

Through exercises can not only shape the oval face, but alert the appearance of wrinkles, one of the causes which is the loss of skin tonus and elasticity. The exercises contribute to the establishment of a "skeleton" for the surface layers of the skin, make to strengthen the muscles in the upper and lower of a century, enable you to reduce "crow's feet" and longitudinal wrinkles under the eyes, increase the vitality of the upper eyelids. All of the exercises suggest the clamp of a given area with the fingers, and then the movement of the eyebrows or centuries. For example, to get rid of "crow's feet" need to push gently with the tips of the fingers to the skin in the last century (on the edge of the eye), close your eyes and keep them in position for some time.

How to reduce wrinkles under the eyes, with the help of massage

It is a very efficient way to insistent women willing to perform daily work. It is undoubted advantage of the procedure is that he has absolutely no contraindication, and it is possible to perform, during the application of a cream pre-as should be the of preparing the skin (cleaning, easy application of gel, for a better slip). You can do basic movement, how to tap into and strokes, and can use japanese massage shiatsu, imposing on the acupuncture points. It is also very helpful to massage the eyes with cold water.

How to clear wrinkles under the eyes in beauty salons

Beauty salon procedures, which include surgical techniques, injectable, hardware.

The surgery refers to blepharoplasty.

Injectable methods:

  1. Injections of botox. The neurotoxin does not act directly on the skin, but allows the muscle circular near relax the eyes. This method allows you to "delete" are already available wrinkles around the eyes.
  2. Mesotherapy - under the skin best needles are introduced specially crafted medicaments containing vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen. Dose – microscopic. The peculiarity of this procedure is the fact that the active substances fall exactly within the scope of the problem.
  3. Fractional mesotherapy – tech injectable administration under the skin, assuming multiple microscopic a puncture. Last how small, that the procedure is almost painless and can be performed without local anesthesia.
  4. Contour plastic. Under the skin are introduced in special medications - fillers (usually based on hyaluronic acid), which fills up the area under the skin. This method is intended for very mature skin.
  5. Biorevitalizatsiya – injection of hyaluronic acid. Of mesotherapy this method differs only in the composition of medicines.

Hardware techniques of elimination of wrinkles around the eyes is microdamages of the skin, which allows you to perform the processes of regeneration and growth of new young cells. Today, the halls offer the following services:

beauty salon procedure
  1. Chemical Peeling – effect on the skin acids. In fact, the skin is formed of a burn, after which the epidermis intensely up to date. For the delicate area around the eyes there are formulations.
  2. Muscle toning is the effect on the skin of the current, which causes the muscles to work and perform metabolic processes. Apparatus for myostimulation can be purchased for home use.
  3. Photorejuvenation – the effect on the skin, the pulse of light. In the area under the eyes, this procedure is not performed, but it is characterized by a complex activity, therefore, wrinkles under eyes after photorejuvenation decrease.
  4. Laser skin rejuvenation – the impact on the epidermis of the mesh of laser beams microscopic thickness. This starts regenerative processes in the skin, stimulates the production of collagen.

The only method that does not involve the injury of skin is the hardware of massage. Massagers that stimulate blood circulation in the area around the eyes, facilitating the reflux of the lymph, strengthen and tone the delicate skin around the eyes, completely available for home use.

Also worth mentioning oxygen-ozone therapy, which is extremely widely used in cosmetics, it can also be applied to the restoration of the skin around the eyes. In the scope of the problem is introduced oxygen-ozone mixture, which improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling and dark circles.

As you can see, the methods that use in beauty salons, are as fast (though with a little invasive), and physical therapy. The first involve certain risks. Before resorting to the injection methods of correction should be well-considered.

Of course, these ways can and should be competent to combine, depending on the issues. For example, the injection of the botulinum toxin, it is not worth proceeding, if the skin around the eyes swollen. First, she needs to prepare with the help of hardware massage and mesotherapy that improve the circulation of blood in the area and will avoid complications after the injection of botox. In addition, there are a number of nuances, such as after botox can I receive compensatory wrinkle with the corner of the eye and on the nose (because of the circular muscle of the eye will be locked in a single location, it begins to gather in the other). These moments also it is necessary to consider, therefore, to choose the best program of beauty salon procedures can only competent to the expert, after review.