Face lift at home - the best methods and simple mask recipes

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Nowadays, many women are interested in whether a facelift can be done at home. This is due to the fact that modern beauty salons provide such services at a relatively inflated cost. And at home, any woman can make their own mask or facial massage at no extra cost. So what is an effective method of face lift at home?

What is a lift?

Why is adoption necessary at all, and what does it represent? Facelift is a procedure that aims to tighten the skin.

This manipulation helps eliminate mimicking wrinkles and deep, sagging skin. According to statistics, every fourth woman uses it.

But there is no need to go to a plastic surgeon and lie under a scalpel. First you need to try to correct the situation without surgery. To do this, we have compiled the most effective methods, which will be discussed below.

Facial skin is elastic and well-groomed after anti-aging procedures

We all know very well that due to age -related changes, our bodies become less elastic. This also applies to the face. The result - wrinkles are inevitable. To remove it, the skin must be tightened. Today, many beauty salons and clinics provide such services. But thanks to modern technology, any woman can prepare their own lifting mask at home.

I would like to note immediately that you should not expect amazing results from some procedures. Of course, the face will never be the same as when it was youth.

And if you regularly carry out lifting procedures at home yourself, then the results are not long in coming. Your skin will be more taut, some mimicking wrinkles will disappear, and you will look fresher.

3 facial lifts in the salon

Before proceeding to the study of home tricks, let’s think about how to tighten the skin in a salon setting. There are several skin tightening procedures that are in high demand. The main advantage is that the integrity of the skin is not violated, as this technique does not involve incisions or punctures. The main ones are:

  • RF lifting.The face is affected by radio waves emitted by a special apparatus. As a result, the pores shrink, wrinkles are eliminated, and the skin becomes taut. The best alternative to an RF-lifting salon is to perform the procedure at home with a mobile device. Such devices are less powerful than stationary devices powered by a network. However, due to regular procedures and efficient skin care, this difference is smoothed out and the effect becomes comparable to a salon.

    From home devices, we recommend to look at Korean devices with 5 modes. Consumers notice a positive effect on the skin of the face and body.

  • Devices for lifting RF at home
  • Micro current therapy.It is a lifting massage that helps remove harmful substances from the body. This procedure stimulates cell regrowth.
  • Ultrasonic lifting.Special devices produce waves that affect skin cells, stimulating blood circulation.

Unfortunately, such salon procedures are not cheap, so we suggest you use a special mask with a lifting effect, which will give the same result, but does not require large expenses.

Before using such a procedure, study the signs and contraindications, as well as its effect on the body.

Mask with a lifting effect at home

The effect of quickly lifting a face mask at home is possible. To achieve this, you need to perform this procedure regularly. But before you try to tighten the skin yourself, you should understand what it is and what you can expect from lifting.

Girl with beautiful facial skin after applying a mask with a lifting effect

This mask nourishes skin cells, making them more hydrated and elastic. They eliminate dryness, as well as superficial wrinkles. Properly chosen masks will help slow down the process of age -related change. This procedure has many advantages. The main ones are:

  • the skin becomes toned and elastic;
  • in the inner layer of the epidermis, collagen begins to be produced;
  • face tightened, contour acquires line clarity, sagging zone significantly reduced;
  • wrinkles in the area around the eyes are eliminated;
  • wrinkles are removed in the area of the nasolabial folds;
  • double chin missing;
  • significantly moisturizes the skin, dryness disappears.

Lifting a face mask at home after 50 years can, although not completely replace expensive procedures in a beauty salon, lead to positive change. Just to achieve the desired effect, you must comply with all the rules and prepare the mask according to the recipe. Another advantage of home procedures is that it has a minimum number of contraindications.

Use only proven recipes for lifting. To do this, peruse the Internet and read reviews left by women who have used this or that tool.

Lifting product group (cosmetics).

As a lifting face mask at home, only products that are proven to be suitable for women in their 40s or 50s. Give priority to cosmetic preparations that suit your face type.

They must contain only natural ingredients, and no harmful substances. Otherwise, such a procedure will have a negative effect on your skin, and you will achieve the opposite result.

In general, if you want to carry out the same plan procedure yourself, then you should definitely buy two sets of cosmetics at once. The first is necessary to slightly tighten the surface layer, and the second - to give a deep lifting effect.

Apply a rejuvenating lifting mask on the facial skin
Fundraising Description
Lift the surface Removes mimicking wrinkles, acts immediately, washed off with water
Lifting in Long -term effect, used for several months, smoothes deep wrinkles
  1. The first group of products will form a thin layer on your skin, which will maintain a proper facial oval, and also contribute to skin tension. This can be a cream, serum or mask, on a package that "cosmetics with an immediate lifting effect" will appear. You will see results after the first use of such cosmetics. Your face will look fresher, small wrinkles will disappear, and the deep ones will be a little smoother. But there is one drawback - the effect is relatively short -lived. Once you apply a make -up remover or wash your face with warm water, the film will disappear. That is why such cosmetics need to be used every day to stay in shape. And don't forget to exfoliate your face.
  2. The second group of creams is necessary to affect the inner layer of the epidermis. The main component of the product attracts connective tissue, which increases significantly after applying cosmetics with a deep lifting effect. So, the face will be more toned, and her skin - more natural and fresh. To see a noticeable effect, this mask must be applied regularly. You will not see the results immediately, as in the case of the first group of funds, but the effects will last longer.

It should also be noted that there are special devices with which the lifting massage is performed at home after 35-40 years. The waves of this device contribute to blood flow. So, facial skin becomes fresher and more natural.

When choosing a cosmetic product for lifting, be sure to talk to an expert. He or she will examine your skin carefully, and advise you on specific medications.

TOP-5 effective drugs

The girl used an effective anti-wrinkle medication on her face

For sale, you can find a wide variety of ways with a lifting effect. But, nonetheless, some have become very popular because of their high efficiency:

  1. Lifting mask, noticeable effect after 2 weeks of use.
  2. Serum with hyaluron. This is an expensive product. Provokes increased regrowth, moisturizes the skin and tightens it.
  3. Cheap Belarusian serum. It fights wrinkles and other signs of aging. Designed for women over 40 years old.
  4. Instant tool. It tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles a bit, but it’s worth using it every day.
  5. Serum with Longoza. It not only tightens, but also improves skin tone, moisturizes it.

Instructions for lifting

If you want to do the lifting yourself, then you need to perform this procedure only when your skin really needs it. To do this, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the main group of leads for lifting.


  • The skin is too loose.
  • Facial skin due to age -related changes becomes less elastic.
  • The appearance of wrinkles on different parts of the face.
  • The skin becomes drier, flaking appears.
  • Pigment spots, yellowing appear on the face, and the color becomes unnatural.
  • Cheeks sag slightly, nasolabial folds, crow's feet and double chin appear.
Facial skin becomes tense due to lifting at home

If there are any clues from all of the above, you definitely need a face mask that can be used at home. Consider age restrictions, as funds for women after 40 or 50 are different. Young girls do not need a procedure like this. But a preventive mask will be beneficial, because it is worth taking care of your face from an early age.

Contraindications to lifting

Unfortunately, this procedure cannot be called completely safe. It can also have a negative effect on the skin, but you will not get the expected results. After all, there are some contraindications to using a face -lifting mask at home.


  1. Facial surgery less than six months ago.
  2. Allergy to any component of the mask.
  3. High levels of obesity.
  4. Under 30 years of age.
  5. The presence of open wounds on the facial skin.
  6. Severity of vascular and dermatological diseases.

If you may experience an allergic reaction to certain components of the mask, use it with caution. Any tool must be tested first.

TOP 5 homemade lift mask recipes

There are many good facelift recipes at home. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main ones:

  1. With cucumber.First, peel the cucumber and take the pulp. Beat this mixture with protein. After that, add a teaspoon of olive oil and apply this mask on your face for about 10 minutes. It is suitable for owners of dry face type. Also, the mask is good in the presence of age spots.
  2. With protein.Separate the raw egg whites from the egg yolks. The first beat into a thick foam. After that, take a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, add to the protein and mix. This mixture is great for immediate results. The fact is that the protein tightens the skin well, gives a lifting effect. It is used mainly for oily face types and combinations.
  3. With dill.Chop a little dill and mix with the pieces of hercules, which must be ground first. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to the resulting mass. Such a mask will nourish the subcutaneous layer of the epidermis, which will help eliminate wrinkles.
  4. With gelatin.Take 3 tsp. gelatin, mix with 50 ml of milk. The mixture should stand for about an hour for the gelatin to swell. Then all this is placed in a water bath until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The main thing is that the mixture does not boil. Add 3 teaspoons to it. honey, mix and add the same amount of glycerin. Use in multiple layers is recommended (a few minutes should elapse between applications). Such a mask should remain on the face for a quarter of an hour, then it is removed with a cotton pad.
  5. With yeast.This mask is suitable for women aged 35 and above. For its preparation, several ingredients are needed: dry yeast and olive oil. Initially, the first ingredient is diluted in warm water. You should get a creamy mixture. Oil is added to this mass. The mask is applied on the face, and removed after drying (it forms a crust). Such removal also helps normalize the work of the sebaceous glands.

This is a basic option for lifting recipes, which are very easy to prepare.

Apply the mask regularly to achieve the effect.

Question answers

Is it possible to achieve immediate effects from house lifting?

To achieve visible results, you have to be patient, because the main rule of tightening the house is the regularity and duration of use of funds or massage. But there are some products on sale that tighten the skin instantly, but the effect disappears after the removal of applied cosmetics and masks.

Do home remedies help to change radically after 50 years?

At this age, various masks are beneficial, but there is no specific effect after them. They only improve the condition of the skin, but do not tighten it. That is why many experts recommend thinking about plastic surgery (lifting SMAS, lifting thread).

How to start a home rejuvenation?

First you need to take care of your skin thoroughly, don’t forget to remove makeup, do exfoliation systematically, and responsibly approach cosmetic choices.

Massage lift at home

A face lift mask at home is not the only way to make the skin more hydrated and get rid of some wrinkles. There are other methods to help with this as well. For example, lifting gymnastics for the face at home. In other words, massage.

Lifting sequence for facial skin rejuvenation

Pay attention to the basic techniques of self -massage with a tightening effect:

  • With a patting motion with the tip of the ring and middle finger, walk from the wing of the nose to the temple.
  • With the same patting motion, walk from the upper lip to the ear.
  • With a patting motion, walk from the chin to the ears.
  • Rub your forehead with three fingers from the forehead to the hair.
  • With the back of your hand, massage the area under the jaw.

Before proceeding with such a massage, be sure to wipe your face with makeup remover milk. Also, moisten your hands before the event.

Aqua massage is also beneficial. To do this, you must first attach a towel for a few seconds, which is pre -moistened in cold water. Then it is soaked in warm water and again applied on the skin. Such manipulations should be carried out for about 8-10 days. It is useful to present on the face with ice cubes. But experts advise freezing not ordinary water, but decoction or milk. As for milk ice, it has many advantages. The use of this method periodically increases the production of collagen, makes the skin elastic and supple, dryness disappears, and the face does not peel.

Device #2 for house lifting

Procedure for exposing facial skin with a mesoscooter

To tighten the skin and improve its condition, you can buy a special device. This is a darsonval or mesoscooter. With their help at home, you can achieve amazing results. Let's see what it is. This device has the following features:

  1. Darsonvalization.This name is given to the procedure for using an apparatus with the influence of a weak current. The result is rejuvenation and adoption. The current effect causes an increase in blood flow, more oxygen enters.
  2. Mesoscooter.This is a special device that has a small needle. Its use provokes an increase in regrowth, accelerating the production of collagen.


  1. "I often make homemade masks. I see a real lifting effect after a yeast mask. Also improves the skin mixture with ginger perfectly. Therefore, I advise women to try home rejuvenation. From that, of course, it is impossible to achieve such an effect fromplastic surgery, but you will definitely see an improvement.
  2. "I've tried a lot of home remedies. For the eye area, I love the potato mask. And for the lifting effect, egg remedies are ideal.
  3. "Probably no woman wants to grow old. I bought a variety of products, also tried homemade recipes, but did not see much effect. Of course, the skin condition improved, but the tightening effect did not occur. That's why I decided to go to a beautician. I managed to achieve a positive effect with the help of ultrasonic lifting. I plan to try contours to fight wrinkles.

Expert opinion

plastic surgery

"If a woman has already decided to take care of her face at home, she should not forget to do it regularly. This is the only way to maintain good skin condition. But, all the same, the home method will not bring benefits at that ageolder. That is why I advise at first, starting from the age of 30-35, to regularly visit a beautician for various procedures. When they are not useful, then plastic surgery will come to the rescue. This can be endoscopic lift, SMAS lift, as well as introductionspecial thread. "

Practicing a cosmetic specialist

"I support women who strive to take care of face and body at home. But I think that all home procedures should be in addition to professional rejuvenation. That is why I advise you to pay attention to cosmetic procedures. These are exfoliation, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, which improve the conditionskin. And for a facelift, you have to use micro current therapy, laser rejuvenation and ultrasonic lifting. "

Therefore, a face -lifting massage at home after the age of 40 can help almost all women get rid of dry skin and superficial wrinkles. It also helps tighten loose skin. Only we do not recommend using this procedure at a younger age and in the presence of certain contraindications. Use all the means and methods that may be in your arsenal. The key to success is order and perseverance. You will always have time to come to hardware cosmetology or more radical methods.