Pillow wrinkles on the face

Each night we sleep. And every night in your sleep accept the same postures. This situation repeated itself for many years.

Of course, the lines on his face, that one day, manifested itself during sleep, all the nights settle in and become more resistant and visible.

Why in the dream appear of wrinkle?

Pad orthopedic
  • Sleeping on your side. If you sleep on your side, the wrinkle appear in places where more folds. Lying on his cheek, we press the skin, that can not be fully able to resist and wrinkled began.
  • Sleeping on the stomach. In the region of the neck shifted to the epidermis: the stretched one hand and contracts with the other.
  • We slept in the back. It is more a good option in terms of formation of wrinkles - there are no pads in contact with the skin, the skin of the face is not the pressure.
  • It is believed that sleeping on the back is positively said in the state of the skin. The most important thing here is the one that minimizes the area of contact of the face with the pillow and, consequently, there is no pressure and are not formed of rows of folds.
  • Premature wrinkle can receive what is wrong and grabbed the pillow anti-wrinkles.

What is a "pillow wrinkles" and how it acts

Women, whereas in the fight with wrinkles are only effective intervention in natural processes and functioning of the skin, is sadly mistaken.

Plastic surgery, botox or anti-aging treatments will not bring about the effect, if during the night the skin is going to gather up in folds. Wrinkles of the pillow lead to "no" to all of the expensive treatments.

Only the dream right mattress that will get rid of the unwanted wrinkles. The pillow is able to deal with hated wrinkles for a short period of time.

What is this wonderful rest?

  • made in the shape of the letter "N", t., and has a special form;
  • inside put special loads, for example the husk of wheat, carved in wood of cedar bark or of silk;
  • within hosts slender copper wire.

The characteristic pillow anti-wrinkles

  • Rest on the basis of buckwheat husk is able to repeat the shape of the head of a person. During sleep, the skin of the face is exposed to massage. The shell is a pyramid with edges polished, massaged on the face. In addition, you must score a pleasant aroma, which soothes. The same way works carved in wood of cedar bark.
  • Screen rest symbolizes prosperity. But, in addition, the material is so delicate, that it is not able to cause damage to the skin of the face.
  • Pad type of innovation. The invention of this miracle attributed to israel, the scientist. Rest is not only a preventive remedy of wrinkles, but also, specifically, is able to get rid of the guy against these feelings. Thanks to its original shape, the contact of the skin with the rest is minimized. And the copper wire inside helps to stretch the skin. The issue is that the skin of the face, releasing ions of copper, activates the process of collagen production. And collagen, as it is known, helps to maintain the elasticity of skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles on the face.

For the pillow to sleep comfortably. Creases and even wrinkles on the forehead rest are able to, gradually disappear.

What are its advantages and dignity?

  • formed the habit during sleep constantly lie down on your back;
  • allows you to avoid the appearance and will not grow a double chin, keep the coach, the oval of the face;
  • in the area of the neckline be able to avoid wrinkles and folds;
  • will be abbreviated to "line-of-sleep", formed during sleep, in the belly and on the sides;
  • the muscles of the neck to stop if tired, will be formed to posture and the spine straight.

Due to this effect on the muscles and the vertebral column, in addition to smooth out the wrinkles on the face, the more faithful the name will be "cushion orthopedic of wrinkles".

How to correctly use the innovation of the pillow

To achieve the maximum effect, you need to correctly use this rest. If you sleep on your back, then your shoulders should Operatü at the base of the cushion.

To the neck is designed with a special groove. The head feature to the main part of the rest.

If you sleep on your side, the face feature left or to the right of seizure. The chin falls on the cushion for the neck. The forehead is based on the main part.


After you familiarize yourself with the information provided information, we will try to summarize.

To get rid of wrinkles on the face and obtain the secret of eternal youth is the dream of humanity. Modern medicine can prolong this period.

We can ourselves arrange for that, as possible, to not age and to maintain the freshness and the youth in the face?

Simple rules can help you achieve success:

  • try to sleep in the back. If it is difficult, or at least change of posture, and often, to turn;.
  • take care of your skin, make masks;
  • use modern inventions such as innovative cushion anti-wrinkle.

This is real, this is possible and it works!