Laser rejuvenation is not ablative

facial skin after rejuvenation without ablative

Fractional non -ablative facial and body skin rejuvenation is a laser technology invented and patented in the United States in 2004 and received positive reviews around the world for effectively eliminating and treating various manifestations of skin aging and more. Today, according to statistics, this is the most well -known and sought after laser procedure in the aesthetic medicine market.

Non -ablative laser rejuvenation is an effective method to combat sagging and aging. Fractional laser beams act on the inner layers of the skin without damaging the outside, providing a firming effect and stimulating collagen production. Using an erbium device that emits a beam with a wavelength of 1064-2940 nm, cosmetologists achieve visible results after the first procedure. This is one of the most effective and at the same time gentle methods.

Principles of operation

The erbium device, used for non -ablative rejuvenation, works well: under light exposure, any wrinkles are smoothed - both fine and deep, post -acne scars, stretch marks, scars and other cosmetic blemishes disappear. Fractional non -ablative laser beams, acting on the inner layers of the dermis, saturate with moisture, cause collagen production and act as a catalyst for rejuvenation. One course on a non -ablative device is enough to make the face look young again.

The non -ablative method works even after the course. The skin continues to rejuvenate, and the effect only increases over time. To get maximum results, based on reviews, it will take several months after the course: at this time, the process launched during the procedure will take full effect and completely renew the tissue.

Characteristics of non-ablative rejuvenation and rehabilitation procedures

The fractional laser beam, used in this technique, selectively affects the tissue. Instead of a constant stream of radiation, which leads to constant damage to cells and burns, non -ablative fractional devices heat the tissue in the "tissue", leaving most of the tissue intact. This speeds up and simplifies the recovery process.

The non -ablative method involves exposure to a deeper layer - from 1 mm. The outer fabric does not squeeze and looks normal. You do not have to take care of the face after the procedure - this will confirm any comments.

Non -ablative laser rejuvenation procedures do not require anesthesia, practically do not cause pain and discomfort. Non -ablative methods are also used to treat sensitive areas of the skin - on the neck, around the eyes, etc.

To stop aging and begin the process of cell renewal, 3-4 procedures with non-ablative devices are sufficient. After each session, full recovery will take 2-3 days. Currently, it is not recommended to use cosmetics, stay in the bathroom or shower for a long time, use a solarium or sunbathe.

Pictures before and after the procedure

before and after skin rejuvenation without ablative photo 1photos of skin rejuvenation before and after non -ablative 2

Non -ablative rejuvenation as an effective way to get rid of wrinkles

The non -ablative method received good reviews from cosmetologists in Moscow and around the world. The effect of the procedure is also appreciated by patients: after three or four sessions, the skin is tightened, and rejuvenation occurs before our eyes, without additional exposure.

Reviews talk about the safety and inconvenience of the method. Non -ablative medications with an efficient approach do not cause burns, keeping the face intact. Unlike many other technologies that Moscow can offer to lovers of hardware cosmetology, non -ablative methods work effectively and rarely.

Contraindications to fractional non -ablative laser rejuvenation

The non -ablative laser beam saves the outer tissues of the face, which means it maintains protection from dust, wind and temperature influences. The non -ablative fractional method allows tissue to regenerate more quickly. This procedure is considered safe. However, it is not recommended to carry it out in the presence of some diseases or conditions:

  • infectious diseases of the skin and not only;
  • any skin disease with a focus on the face or other treatment sites;
  • hypertension, diabetes and some other diseases;
  • with caution - during pregnancy and lactation;
  • mental illness, nervousness;
  • photosensitivity.

Laser rejuvenation without ablatives is suitable for almost all patients, regardless of skin type.

Side effect

Fractional non -ablative rejuvenation is relatively safe. With proper wavelength selection and careful face processing, recovery will be quick and without consequences. Problems can only arise by chance.

In particular, with illiterate exposure, non -ablative laser beams can cause burns. As a result, red spots will appear on the face. With individual intolerance, other phenomena may occur. They are, based on reviews, very rare.